Monster hunter rise

“Monhan Rise: Sambraek” Additional Elements to Terks and Wall Runs! Introduce the “action side” that has been more relieved

Capcom has released new fields, such as the new field “Citadel Highlands” and more lighterly evolved actions at Hunting ACT “ Monster Hunter Chanterization: Sun Break ” for Nintendosewich / STEAM.

This work is the latest work of the National Title “Monster Hunter” series, which broke through 75 million (as of June 30, 2021). A title located in the super large extended content of “monster hunter rising”, which records 8 million allocated shipments.

“Sunbrae” appeared with evolved actions and unique monsters and fields, and challenging master rank quests. A hunter who saved a village from a disaster from a disaster, challenges new hunts in the new world to save the crisis of the kingdom from the old dragon “Mel Zena”.

# ◆ New field “Citadel Highland” with various expressions

The field “Citadel Highland” added is a new hunting stage with various facial expressions, including the forest area and the ice snow area, mainly for the old castle left behind in nature. You can also check the appearance of monsters and environmental organisms that have never been seen.

The place where the fortune and the city in the kingdom is ruined by the attack of the monster. The trees are grimbing, cold wind blowing highlands, traces of fierce fighting, and the environment changes the environment and the environment.

◆ More Lightly Evolved Hunting Action

The hunting is further evolved, such as an action that makes a quick and unlikely toy an action, a soared cliff or a road-like place, and the utilization of environmental organisms that bring about various benefits.

■ ■ New ironing thread is added to the individuality of the weapon further!

Earned techniques of each weapon using Shota “Iron Tensu” newly added to all 14 weapons species. The individuality of a variety of weapon actions will be further expanded. Details will be announced in the future, but some actions can also be confirmed by the latest PV.

■ Migration to the wall run is more free!

“Wall run” that could be done in the wall to the wall is also possible by performing dashes and air drops and air avoidance towards the wall. It is possible to migrate from an action that does not use Shoji gauge, and a more comfortable movement is realized in various scenes.

In addition, the transition to the wall run from dash and air falling and air avoidance can optionally be set to “ON / OFF / OFF only during battle.”

# # ■ New environmental organisms that help hunting appear!

As a new environmental organism, the new “ 変 蟲 ” of Shoten is appeared. There are two types of light looking at light than regular species, and there are two types of red “ 変 Sho Sho, red ” and golden “ 変 Sho Shozo, gold ” increase. If you catch it, it will be easier for the dragonwear standby state, and the recovery speed of Shoji gauge is increased.

In addition, “Shoji Shoji / Red” will increase the damage to the Dragon Dragon Technology, “Shoji Shoji, Gold” gives the addition effect of the number of upper limits of pitfalls due to the dragon attack. In addition, two types can not be caught simultaneously.

In addition, the nearby species “ Onyuguzu” covered with blue haired hair appeared. If you hit a large monster, you will grasp the other party and pull the yarn to draw monsters. At that time, if you hit an obstacle, you can target down while damaging.

A great evolution “Monster Hunterization: Sun Break” will be released on June 30, 2022.