Switch torture: Youtuber brings OLED

With OLED screens, the worry is always great that a picture is burning for monotonous use. Of course, this concern is also concerned with the new switch model, but a youtuber makes the ultimate test to take you the fear.

Update from 9 March 2022:

Switch OLED: After months of agony, the console comes to borders

Already since January 2022 we pursue an experiment of Wulff den. He sacrifices his Switch OLED to answer the question, When players have to expect a so-called burn-in . However, the Youtuber can give all-clear.

When Nintendo announced the Switch OLED, the fear was great that in monotonous use in the screen could burn content. In January 2022, Wulff therefore published a video for his test. He turned on his Switch OLED – an Ingame Screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the game on the screen. Despite the operating time of over 1600 hours, there was no striking damage in the end .

Now the Youtuber published an update. Meanwhile, the test ran about 3600 hours (around 21 weeks). An extreme condition for the switch, which now shows effect. Meanwhile, a ghost picture of the scene has emerged that the console had to show the last months. But it is noticeable but that the damage does not make the console unplayable. Until Wulff could pass around 1800 hours according to Wulff.

Conclusion: Even if your console shows a few hours only monotonous content, Do not you worry about a burn-in .

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Nintendo Switch OLED: Streamer tested screen on heart and kidneys

The Nintendo Switch has been one of the best-selling consoles worldwide and the successor, the OLED model, has passed the market launch with Bravour. Switch games look really good on the screen. He is bigger and the contrast is stronger – but some worries, that the OLED screen could be damaged by burning pictures .

A YouTube streamer has therefore made a task to find out if the screen suffers from burn-ins for long use. He turned on his switch 1.800 hours and came to a surprising result at the end.

Youtuber Wulff published a video about this project. He explains that he uses an Ingame Screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and his splitpad to make sure nothing moves, but the system’s display remains active. Despite the operating time of almost 2,000 hours (these are over two months), there was no striking damage in the end . A precise comparison shows that the white was only slightly darker in the picture and the blue has a very light green stitch – something that you almost see if you know it.

Nintendo Switch - OLED Model - Announcement Trailer

Switch OLED: Youtuber can calm fans

Wulff’s assures you that you do not have to worry about Burn-ins and that he is still convinced by the excellent quality of the OLED screen .

From the comments can be read out that he has actually helped some with this test . So also YouTube users Drivillain:

“Every time I walk my OLED switch only for a second, I turn it into sleep mode to reduce burning. If I hear that, I actually relax a bit. “