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PS Store: Shooter from 2021 now on offer of the week for PS4 & PS5 [Advertisement]

Back 4 Blood is the new offer of the week in the PlayStation Store. The standard edition for PS4 and PS5 is at half price and thus for 34.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros. Also the back 4 Blood Annual Pass is cheaper, namely for 23.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros. The offers run until 1 o’clock in the morning on March 17th. Here you will find you:

PS Store: Back 4 Blood in the offer of the week for PS4 & PS5

What does back 4 Blood offers?

Model Left 4 Dead: Back 4 Blood comes from Turtle Rock, the studio behind Left 4 Dead, and should be the spiritual successor of the popular co-opshooter. As in the role model, you also ate four in the team against mass zombies, with you serving many firearms. In addition, there are eight characters to choose from, each with individual skills. Even with the zombies, there are different mutations and miniboses, the variety is clearly greater than in Left 4 Dead. However, not all zombi types are so memorable and unique as they were then.

Campaign & PVP: The heart of Back 4 Blood is the campaign consisting of four files with ten missions, in which events will bring variety into the usual carnage. For example, we have to defend a shelter against an impellable horde or save other survivors by starting a deflection maneuver. In addition to the campaign, there is also a PVP mode in which a team plays the survivors and start the other on the side of the zombies.

Customization by cards System: One of the larger innovations is the card system. At the beginning of each chapter we can play a card from a decel, which we have previously put together. This allows us to unlock small benefits or make larger adjustments. For example, a card lets us exploit weak points with opponents when we do without target visitors. This allows individual play styles. However, it takes a while to learn how to efficiently use the cards.

Singleplayer possible: By the way, you do not necessarily have to play in the online multiplayer, but can also replace the human teammates in the inside through bots and so in singleplayer. In the fight, the bots make their job neatly, but they can not fulfill any tasks and do not use any objects like guns, which means that a lot of hanging up. Of course, Back 4 Blood makes a lot more fun in the coop with friends.

Conclusion: The fascination of the original LEFT 4 Dead does not want to adjust. This certainly has to do that the concept of the Koop Zombie Shooter has already been implemented more frequently and back 4 Blood does not add too much new, apart from the card system. Nevertheless, Back 4 Blood is a very competent and also extensive representatives of his genre, with which you can enjoy especially if you play with friends together with friends.

PS Store: Back 4 Blood in the offer of the week for PS4 & PS5

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