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Lol: Riot test on the next patch that could solve a great injustice forever

We have left the fingers of a hand to count the elements of League of Legends that depend completely on chance. There are hardly there are a few starting situations in which it is the luck that decides our destiny and Riot Games has been eliminating almost all over recent years. However, he has never dared to change the mechanics of critical blows. A system not so dangerous when we talk about the shooters, but particularly problematic in some champions that have special synergies. Something that developers could change soon.

The Rengar experiment that could change League of Legends

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Riot Games will introduce in the next 12.6 a small rework of RENGAR . In it does not fit all your skills or great changes are made, but very remarkable modifications that will moderately increase your power and will do something more enjoyable. The most interesting is the one you will receive in your q (fierceness) . This ability will have a new function by which it will always count as a critical hit, making the damage scalled flatly according to the probability of this type of blows with which the champion counts.

This mechanics may seem confusing for League of Legends, but it is easy to explain. Although the skill always has a critical impact, it does not do the additional damage that these types of attacks usually apply. Instead, RENGAR achieves extra damage equivalent to the probability of this type of impact. For example, if the player has bought the essence reaper (20%) he will make 20 extra points every time he launches his q . In this way, it is easier to predict how much life will take away from enemies and calculate the damage without depending on luck.

This mechanics will sit well with the champion. Perhaps you have to review the numbers or scales, but currently the potential for Rengar’s murder depends too much to find the fortune of a critic in the first strokes to the rivals. A situation that also affects gangplank , whose difference of damage with barrels can be catastrophic for rivals. It is a similar case for Apalelios , which in case of finding a critic with its definitive (especially with the infernum) can change the result of a game.

In case this test with RENGAR goes well, Riot Games may finally decide to carry out this type of changes . They are adjustments that the League of Legends community has been asking over recent months without finding a positive response from the developer. However, eliminating any Element based on luck seems a benefit for the quality of the items.