Elden Ring Malenia Cheese Strategy: How To Malenia, Blade of Miquella, slightly defeated

Miquella is a recurring character you do not really see until they fight against one of the toughest bosses in the game – Mohg. This Empyreaean is pretty important for the tradition, as its power matches the other half gods in the world of Elden Ring. Suitable for this power, you can fight against his twin sister Miquella, which serves as his blade, a protector. She may be one of the toughest bosses in the game and can easily destroy it in seconds. To reduce frustrations in this fight, there is a simple cheese strategy in the fight against Malenia in Elden Ring.

How to Malenia in Elden Ring Käet

Malenia has a clear weakness, and that’s the fact that it can stumble when hit. The purpose of this cheese is to stumble them as much as possible so that they can interrupt their devastating, lifelong attacks.

What you need for this setup is a heavy weapon that can bring enemies into serrated, like a great sword, an ax and even certain whips. Next, you ideally want something that can cause blood loss. Malenia is prone to bleeding damage, which reduces her HP much faster.

Personally, I went with the flamberge. It is a large sword with innate construction of blood loss. If you combine the weapon with an ASH of War affinity to build cold / frost, it loses minimal points due to blood loss, but gives many points for frost construction. The build strategy is here to inflict bleed and frost. If you remove parts of Malenia’s health and at the same time make more vulnerable for more damage through frost, it will be much more taper than it is already anyway.

Malenia does not have the most HP, but she is very fast and has a lot one-shot kill potential. It is essentially a glass cannon against which you need to play perfectly because there is no downtime in this fight.

For this reason, you must also use Ashen Remains to help you with this cheese strategy. You need to use the Mimic Tear Ashes and copy your flambergs to the hand. The Mimic Tear will also receive the frost and bleeding processs from the weapon, along with a breathtaking potential against Malenia. Here begins the cheese.

When the fight begins, your Mimic Ashes summon. Make sure your MIMIC draws something aggro. While Malenia starts to attack or change the attitude while being fixed to her, start swinging her sword from behind. She will stumble, and then your MIMIC will start to attack it. They will basically stun them and stack blood loss and frost. If it is done right, it should be removed with ease.

Abber is not resting yet, she has a second phase.

She turns into the goddess of the rot. The cheese is not as effective here, but the loss of damage is largely the same. You have to play more defensive, as they can fly in this phase and can produce massive AOE clouds from rot.

Malenia is no longer so strong as in its normal form. Just hit a few attacks; Let the tear take most aggro. If the AOE is too big, try to equip a speckled necklace. It will help reduce the collection of scarlet red, so you do not take a dot.

Fortunately, this boss is still prone to frost and blood loss. If your Mimic Tear falls in the fight, you have to rely on Malenia’s telegraphic attacks to which diving bombs and their Scarlet Bloom Attacks belong.

Malenia Blade of Miquella Cheese Strategy - Elden Ring Guide

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