Is it worth taking the offer of Silvio in chapter 8? – Triangle Strategy Guide

At first it may be not obvious, but the choice do case in the triangle strategy. It affects three things: the ending you get, people who will fight with you, and the battles that are waiting ahead. The eighth chapter is a good example. Is it worth taking a dubious sentence of Silvio?

The answer will not affect the ending that you get. However, this is Buda to change the complexity of the upcoming battle. If your intuition tells you that Silvio is a dubious person, it means that it is. The perfect choice is ignore his offer . He lures you trap.

The deviation of Silvio’s sentence will force him to fight in your possessions, where you will have an advantage in growth. Of course, if you need an additional challenge, you can take it! You just will fight on its territory.

It will not be the only time Silvio plots a conspiracy against you, but at least now you know that he can not be trusted. He wants the best for his land and will always be on the side of those who have more power.

Triangle Strategy - Will House Wolffort Fall? - Light and Shadow - Chapter 7 and 8 playthrough
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