Google Play, change? – In Ben

Google recently called reporters. Google introduced the “Google Play Console” that the game was available, the game. The game is a system that can launch games on both the Global Global. I heard a sense of irritation. Google does not have a lot of use of console features to reporters. It is to make a meeting to introduce functions to show that the company is superior to competitors. However, even if the game is able to do PC and mobile platform worries, it does not worry that you can use Google Play. The platform called Google Play with more than planned mobile games is not optional.

If so, Google will be the purpose of doing reporters. If you think about the last year, Google’s behavior is understood. Google has done a measure of 30% of the fees and in the app’s payment system controversy. The fee of 30% of the fee and the application settlement system problem was not only in Korea, as well as the global issue, including the United States and Europe. The operator raised his voice that 30% of the fees were excessive. Domestic game companies were relatively quiet, because they look at Google’s notice in absolute positions, making it a force for opinions. In the case of the state, 30% of the fee, the forced controversy was a regular material. Google explained hard for the limit of 30% of the fees. As a result, Korea is ahead of March 15th, the world’s first-year-old application forced prevention method. Google is aimed at Google.

As Google, Google would have felt the need to understand reporters about the receiving services or the console of the console. For example, “I have developed an excellent system that can easily service worldwide to 30% of the fee from the game company, and maintained it. I do not spend absolute hugs and do not walk without a reason.” “Many small game companies, Indie games support” in profit, “

However, in the meeting, the question was concentrated on Google’s service. A quite many game history complains Google’s unknown notice, and Google has the will to improve the notification service. As an example, if the game is suddenly on Google Play, I did not ask for an exact description, but if I could not explain the exact description, I have done it, but I have to prove that there is no fault. When you think of Google’s location, the game is a suspension to submit all evidence to the judges and wait for the judge’s judgment to the judge’s judgment. Google did not have a satisfactory answer at the time.

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Google tried to introduce the fullness of 30% of the fee, but the game was complained when the service correspondence phase was responding. It is simple to desire the game. If you have a problem, you will notify you exactly what it is a problem. On this way, Google said, “If you do not let you know exactly, there is a case of violation by bypassing the problem.” This concern should not be convincing that Google does not have to resolve the issue of Google, and a game report that requires 30% of the fee.

This can be shifted to Google’s game. If Google wants to inform the use of 30% of the fee, it is necessary to increase the service temperature, with the introduction of the function. Google This service will not resolve the question of 30% of the fee.