Nvidia says: New graphics cards

Actually, Nvidia’s next graphics card top model would have to stand in the shops, because the release of RTX 3090 Ti should take place at the end of January – but nothing became. Since then it has been quiet around the new flagship, but now there are tangible evidence that the new model will appear this month.


Where is the RTX 3090 Ti? At the beginning of January, Nvidia showed the graphics card for the first time on the CES and explained that there would be more information at the end of the month. But since then, the company is silent.

However, a new leak now reveals when the new graphics card should really be started: on 29 March 2022 (Source: VideoCardz). Much longer Nvidia would probably not have been able to relieve the release. Finally, the new RTX-4000 models should appear in the fall.

A huge power jump over the RTX 3090 does not seem to be with the TI model. So it remains to be seen how the new version will beat in the market. The prices for graphics card models are currently in free fall. Well possible so that the new top model is cheaper than originally accepted.

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Update from 15 February:

Where is the RTX 3090 Ti? NVIDIA also promised at the beginning of the year that in the course of January, more information about the new top graphics card for all PC players would be ready, but then let the month elapse.

Now Nvidia press spokesman Jen Andersson to the verge to speak and answered shortly and short:

“We currently have no further information about the RTX 3090 Ti, but we will contact us as soon as we know more.”

(Source: The Verge)

The short sentence realizes that Nvidia seems to actually struggle with some production problems or other mistakes. Otherwise, the company would certainly have adhered to its schedule. We’ll keep you up to date.

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RTX 3090 Ti: Nvidia wraps in silence

Nvidia CES 2022 keynote in 6 minutes: 3090 Ti and $249 RTX 3050
Even months ago, the rumor kitchen assumed that Nvidia would give the RTX 3090 even an upgrade. On the CES 2022 it was time: In a LiveStream, the new RTX was 3090 Ti and promised the spectators when they would reveal more about the new top graphics card over the month.

Now we have February – and from a statement from Nvidia missing every trace. No announcement via mail, no official blog entry – nothing. NVIDIA wraps in silence , in the rumor kitchen, however, it broods it all the more.

Thus, Nvidia’s partners should have been stopped by the company, to put the production of their custom models on ice for the time being . According to some insider information, there seems to have some problems with the hardware and the bios of the card (Source: VideoCardz). Whether these were solved in the meantime is unknown. But even then it will probably take a few days for the manufacturers to catch up with the production residue to offer enough graphics cards to launch.

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No official EIA, no release date

What Nvidia is also guilty of us so far, information on the non-binding selling price and the launch date of the new RTX 3090 ti. Since the company recently increased prices in Europe for its RTX-3000 models, the new RTX 3090 Ti should also be anything other than be cheap. An official starting price of 1,999 euros does not seem to be dispersy now .

But under the dash, the EIA is likely to play a role for many PC players anyway. Finally, it can be assumed that NVIDIA’s new top graphics card will be sold shortly after the starting signal for seams on the free market. The cheapest RTX 3090 is currently traded for nearly 2,300 euros – the prices of RTX 3090 Ti are likely to commute a few hundred euros.


Graphics card for under 100 euros? New NVIDIA model spotted

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