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Showcase resident evil dated next week

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil, which makes it the longest survival horror deductible. We have already written on the new movie, the netflix show, the possible remakes and remasters, and many things on the next resident Evil: village, and it seems that next week we will finally have more information on the most Great franchise. Another year.

The showcase Resident Evil is scheduled for Thursday, April 15 at 15H PST. Not yet new on what is happening exactly, but you can expect, at the very least, at the exit of the demo of Resident Evil: village, if it has not been published by then, as well as a multitude of new information about the game and the web. Multiplayer game, Resident Evil Re: Pourse.

It is also possible that we see information about the film or series – after all, we have already seen a trailer for Infinite Darkness, and Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City should go out in September – a trailer N ‘ is not out of the field of possibilities by far, or at least some advertising plans. If we sont get something, my instinct looks at a trailer – Capcom knows that there is a lot of media hype for the film, and there are few better places to reveal it than in an event dedicated to The future of the series.

Neither do not neglect some major revelations that have already been rumored, but have not seen any official news, like a remill of the original trilogy, a remake of Resident Evil 4 and a new game resident evil: revelations.

In the end, we will not know exactly what we expect before the event, and all we can do is speculate – but with all eyes riveted on Capcom, they will seek to make the event a real cry For all the people involved.

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