This happened after leaving an OLED switch on for almost 4 thousand hours

When the Nintendo Switch Oled came out at the end of last year, there was some concern about the subject of its display. And it is that OLED screens have a reputation for “burning” the image, that is, when some static image is recorded on the screen due to constant use.

To test this, YouTube channel, Wulff Den, performed an experiment where they left a switch OLED on for about 2 thousand hours, and at that time, it did not happen absolutely nothing. Well, because they went ahead with this experiment and after leaving the device turned on for 3 thousand 600 hours in a row, the screen finally failed.

I left my OLED Nintendo Switch on for 1800 hours straight

As you could see in the video, you switch OLED will not suffer from this unless you intentionally do it. It seems that Nintendo was conscious about this problem when designing this new model, so you do not have to worry if you usually use it portable constantly.

Editor’s Note: And this problem is not easy to solve, since basically you would have to change the entire screen of your console, a process that is nothing cheap especially because the theme of the OLED is always accompanied by prices High.