Nintendo Switch OLED – Now at Amazon at the best price on offer [advert]

At Amazon, the Nintendo Switch OLED is currently on offer. On the product page you will still see the normal price, but at the cash register but 10 percent will be deducted so that the price drops to 323.99 euros. According to comparison platforms, there is currently no other distributor offering the Nintendo Switch OLED for less than 359.99 euros. According to Ideal, the console has never been so cheap. Until recently, she was still almost sold out and only to get excessive prices.

Nintendo Switch OLED instead of 359,99 € for € 323.99 at Amazon

The offer is only valid for the version in neon-red and neon-blue, not for the white version, which is always sold out at Amazon anyway. Amazon does not currently specify how long the deal is still valid. He could end every moment. Therefore, do not forget to check before buying again if the discount is actually removed with you!

What does the Nintendo Switch OLED offer?

OLED display : The Nintendo Switch OLED published last October is primarily characterized by its OLED display opposite the normal Nintendo Switch. OLEDs have perfect black levels and therefore in principle infinitely high contrast, which ensures significantly better image quality.

Greater screen: In addition, the display is now a good bit larger, namely 7 inches instead of 6.2 inches. At the size of the console overall, this hardly changes, it is only a few millimeters wider in handheld mode. Most accessories for the normal Nintendo Switch also fits, only for a few exceptions such as protective covers can give problems.

Further improvements: There are still some more improvements. Thus, the storage space was doubled, from 32 GB to 64 GB. In addition, the integrated speakers have been improved and there is now a LAN port on the docking station. For the Tabletop mode there is now a good stand.

No changes in the performance: Nothing has done on the performance of the console. Games are so good or bad as with the normal Nintendo Switch in the 2019 version.

Nintendo Switch OLED instead of 359,99 € for € 323.99 at Amazon

Nintendo Switch - OLED Model - Announcement Trailer

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