Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 et Resident Evil 7 vont sortir sur PS5 et Xbox Series

Upon waiting for additional content promised to the owners of Resident Evil Village, Capcom has just announced that Resident Evil 7 will be the subject of an optimized portage for the new consoles, as well as the relish of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil. 3.

Keep the sarcasm for another occasion: These portages are not for Capcom a way to make easy money between two big outings since the many owners of these titles on PS4 and Xbox One will be able to enjoy the sacro-holy upgrade without additional cost.

Distributed 10.6 million, 9.3 million and 4.9 million copies worldwide, Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 will benefit from improved visuals, greater fluidity, a Its 3D and an injection of ray tracing, not to mention the adoption of the haptic return and adaptive triggers of the Dualsense controller in the case of the PlayStation 5.

Capcom does not have an exit date yet to announce to satisfy fans, but adds that a free upgrade patch will also be available on the same day on each of these three games for PC users.