How to make gold pets in the simulator Roblox clicker simulator

If you think about how notice is the attractiveness of possessing the best and rarest pets in the clicker simulator, that is, it is surprising to hear that many players do not know how to make their own, including the cherished golden pets. Fortunately, we will tell you everything in detail everything you need to know about the process of creating golden pets, in the short guide below.

Golden Pets: What you need to know

Note : Before we begin to disassemble the process of transformation of a golden pet, it is important to mention that only epic and legendary pets can become gold – -dinary and rare pets do not have a golden analogue.

????HOW TO MAKE PETS *GOLDEN* In Clicker Simulator! (ROBLOX)

Farming for epic or legendary pets

In order to make a golden pet, you will need three first of the same brilliant pet, which means that you will need at least 12 disposable epic or legendary pets. Epic and legendary items have little chance to appear from different eggs, so you can realistically farm any egg that you want, regardless of the price. In this guide, we will grow a frozen arctic egg.

As soon as you found an egg that you want to grow, and chose a pet that you want to make gold, it’s time to start hatching. If you prefer to speed up the monotonous opening process of each egg one by one, you can purchase gaming pass that you allow you to open three eggs at a time or automatic hatching of any egg that you get. Buying both of these passes will cost approximately 1000 robks.

Creating brilliant pets

Now that you have grown 12 of your chosen pets, it’s time to make them shiny. To do this, open pets Menu by selecting the paw print icon on the left side of the screen. In the open menu “Pets”, select one of the epic pets that you plan to transform. If you have the correct number of pets, a button with an inscription Shiny (4/4) should appear. Click this button.

When choosing this button, four of your epic pets will be combined into one shiny pet. To see the difference between the ordinary Pet Epic and the Pet of Shiny Epic, see the images below.

Creating Gold Pets

Repeating this process twice by creating three shiny epic pets, you are ready to create a golden pet. To do this, once again open the “Pets” menu, find one of the three of your Pets Shiny Epic and select Golden (3/3) button. After that, three of your pet turns into one golden epic pet!

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