Users of Nintendo Switch Online Surprised with a new gift

Nintendo has launched a new update of Nintendo Switch Online, which comes with a new surprise gift for Nintendo Switch subscribers, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch Oled. While the subscribers of the base model and those with the expansion package will have to wait more for more N64 games, now you can customize your user icons while waiting for more content. This may sound like a basic function, but it was not previously available. That said, this gift is not as simple as it seems. And this is not surprising, since nothing is simple with Nintendo. To unlock a variety of personalization options, players must spend platinum points, which are obtained when completing several missions.

Players now can not only customize their icons with new frameworks and funds, but these are the first icons of Nintendo Switch added since November 2020. Unfortunately, those who are not subscribed to the subscription service do not have access to any of these new ones icons, new frames, or new backgrounds. Meanwhile, those who can access all this can only be accessed until April 4, 2022, because four next month a new set replaces the current set of options.

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As expected, these sets are configured to be thematic in specific games. The current set, for example, is completed with icons, frames and funds of animals: new horizons_ and Super Mario Odyssey. We do not know why these sets can not be accessed at perpetuity and add them with future sets. Nintendo does not say why the sets are limited to specific periods of time. Fortunately because of animals_ fanatics, it seems that they will be included in all future sets, with the plan to base the _ CUCUE of animals_ Offers based on what characters they turn years in the game that month.

As always, we will keep you informed as we know more, but for now, this is the scope of what has been added and what has been said about the plan for this new function.

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