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On February 27, Fabián “Warangelus” Llanos announced that it will not continue in the campaign corresponding to the opening 2022 of Rainbow7 . Latin America League reacted dividedly, but it is already a fact that the now Ex-Rainbow Central Carrier will go to another club.

Warangelus started his professional career as a central lane, before staying in the lower lane most of the time. He came to the jungle when Isurus needed it, avoiding the worst competitive year of the Argentine organization. This year he preferred the challenge of central street next to two ex-colleagues, Sebastian “Oddie” child and Eduardo “Slow” Garcés , demonstrating good results in recent weeks. In fact, Rainbow7 is one of the strongest so far, dominating the regular phase table.

Through a publication in social networks, Warangelus shared that he was not satisfied with “the method used by the staff in relation to the use of the two Mid Lanes”. In addition to Warangelus, Park “CEPTED” Wi-Rim is part of the campaign to take the trophy of the lla. He took the ownership since February 26, winning Globant Emerald and Team Aze, respectively.

The decision I took was for personal growth and comfort ,” he added. It is worth mentioning that Carlos “Biblos” Gibrina was notified, showing support in the social networks of him. “I wish you the greatest of the brother successes, you are a first-class player and I know that where are you going to shine,” he wrote.

¡VUELVE LA LLA! Rainbow7 vs All Knights highlights - LEAGUE OF LEGENDS - LLA 2022 JORNADA 1
Officially, Rainbow7 will continue the regular phase with CEPED in the role of Warangelus. The team is already in the qualifiers with a record 9-1, postulating as the favorite to take the opening and go to Mid-Season Invitional 2022. Infinity and Stral ESPORTS follow it closely, subtracting three spaces that are in dispute.

About Warangelus, he promises news soon about him.