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New Remasterizations of Resident Evil could be announced soon

It seems that Capcom could be paving the path silently to announce some new resident Evil remasters in the future. In recent years, Capcom has released a new resident evil video game of some kind annually. And although these games have been completely new delivery (or rederechas) within the series, it is currently not planned to launch any resident evil title in 2022. However, thanks to a recent development by Capcom, it seems that Resident fans Evil could have something new to cling to this year.

About Resident Evil Japanese official website recently, Capcom updated a handful of assets associated with some previous deliveries of the franchise. Specifically, the developer climbed some new art models and characters that are linked to Resident Evil: Veronica code, Brote de Resident Evil and RESIDENT EVIL: File bud 2. These new assets were loaded on the “History” page of the Resident Evil website, apparently as a way to highlight the previous entries of the series. However, the fact that these assets have been updated at all has led some fans to wonder if they could go or not new remasters of each game. Otherwise, why would Capcom take the trouble to review the assets first?

It is worth emphasizing that, for the time being, this is simply a speculation by many fans that new resident Evil remasters could be announced in the near future. Capcom Currently has not been mocked in any way that he will have an ad to do with respect to the franchise in the short term. That said, this movement is definitely intriguing by Capcom and it will be worth monitoring it as we move forward. If new developments arise here, we will make sure to inform you at

Resident Evil 4 | PS2 | TV commercial Japan 2005

Do you think that this CAPCOM movement could indicate that the new Remasterizers of Resident Evil will be launched at some time in the future? And would you look for any of these games if they relaunch? Let me know in the comments or you can send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.