Seoul “Cacao taxi, passenger picked”

As a result of investigating the actual situation of Cacao Taxi, the taxi driver was captured by the taxi driver picking the passenger according to the destination.

Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that the success rate of short-distance calls from the city of Night Days on weekday night time zone was 23%.

When moving long distance under the same conditions, the success rate was 54%, and two times more than a difference.

Seoul Metropolitan Government was able to investigate the passengers directly by calling Cacao Taxi directly, and took a total of 841 units for two months.

According to the city (81.8%), it was lower than long distance (66.4%), weekend (63.3%), weekend (63.3%), morning (79.0%) or evening (83.2%), and evening (58.6%).

“The Laboratory Research Committee of the Traffic System Laboratory Research Institute, said,

“The Professor of Transport Design, Kwon, Kwon, and Professor, the Professor,” he said, “When the long-range call success rate is high and the short-distance is low, the number of times the night time is the success rate,.

The city conducted a survey on the suspicion of the ‘Cacao T Blue (Cacao T Blue)’ Call Caucai ‘.

When the survey was successful, approximately 39% of the cacao T blue was shown. Weekend, short range than weekdays, long distances, evening and evening than the evening and night, the ratio of the merchant taxi is higher.

However, as the cacao taxi distribution algorithm was not confirmed, it explained that more specific investigation and analysis were needed for the problem.

“There is a complaint that the Merchant Taxi ratio is 40%,” he said.

The poem is low on the success rate of the call, and the taxi is difficult to board a taxi night time, taxi tribe factor, there is a lack of taxi tribal factors, and we plan to review measures such as dismissal of taxi supply and expansion of electric taxi supply. It is intended to be aware of the administrative authority such as the Ministry of Land, Transport, Department of Medium and Perception.

Cacao sides requested a passenger destination only to the units of autonomous, and requested a step-by-step improvement measure that promotes the destination in the long term.

The city has decided to provide this survey on the Fair Trade Committee to investigate the Cacao Taxi Call.

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“Cacao taxi must have a social responsibility as many citizens,” Cacao taxi should have a social responsibility as much as 90% of the taxi platform market, “” Caucasian Taxi to have a social responsibility as many citizens are using, ” I will pay for it. “