Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen launches the season of the risen

Get ready. It is time to take back the light of the god of the hive. The successful game of Bungie, Destiny 2, today launches its last extension of its ever-changing universe with The Queen Witch. A press release provides the details of the expansion as well as things to come with it later.

The witch queen sees the players face Savatath the witch queen, God of the hive, on his seat of power the world of the thr1. After spending so much time drilling his secrets, it’s time for guardians to fight. Thus, players can explore the throne world by brandishing a multitude of new powers and weapons. However, do not think you will not face other challenges. Savatath gave his soldiers the power of the light itself, so you will be confronted with intense enemy powers.

In addition to a new place and a new story, The Queen The Witch brings many features. A new weapon, the sword, the manufacture of weapons and more. So many things happen with the updating of game modes, quests and a new pass of season, weapons, crafts and places to explore. The official Destiny 2 website: The Queen Witch contains additional information.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen - Season of the Risen Trailer

Destiny 2: The Queen Witch is available today on all platforms. In addition, players can buy different lots such as Lot Deluxe and the 30th anniversary of Bungie. Each batch includes additional rewards in play such as skins, emotions and seasonal pass access. So, will you resist the Queen Guardian Witch? Or will the light be lost forever?