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A Remasterization of Resident Evil Outbreak is on the way?

Although Capcom’s attention seems focused on monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the DLC of RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE and STREET FIGHTER 6, it is possible that the Japanese company is working on a new project related to the iconic terror series and no, we do not We refer to the case Remake of RESIDENT EVIL 4, but to a possible remastery of RESIDENT EVIL OUTBREAK .

Recently, the fans realized that Capcom updated the assets of RESIDENT EVIL CODE: Veronica, utbreak and outbreak file 2 on your website. These are not only new images, but have a series of visual improvements compared to the work that was previously present .

Although this alone does not mean much, remember that a remasterization of resident evil Outbreak was mentioned in the massive filtration of Nvidia, and considering that some of the titles in this list are real, such as _street Fighter 6, _ Fans have Started to speculate about the possibility of seeing a remasteration , or even Remake, of the title that originally reached PS2 in 2003.

At the moment there is no official information on the part of Capcom that affirming or denies these rumors, and it is very likely that we do not see something like that in the future. Resident Evil Outbreak is a game that takes place in Raccoon City, and presents us to a series of survivors who try to escape from the city. This title is remembered because it presented an online component.

Resident Evil Outbreak ???? File 1 and 2 ???? 4K/60fps HDR ???? Game Movie Walkthrough Gameplay No Commentary

On related topics, they point out to Capcom by using a stock image for the street Fighter 6 . logo in the same way, the profits of the company in 2021 increased thanks to Resident Evil and Monster Hunter.

Editor’s note:

A remasterization of RESIDENT EVIL OUTBREAK sounds like an interesting project. Considering that the company has been in charge of making remakes and remasters of almost all deliveries in the series, it would be a logical step. The only doubt is: Why outbreak and not code: Veronica?