Westphalia Cup semifinals in the Prussia Stadium against the SC VER

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Four clubs are still fighting for the entry into the final of the Krombacher Westaflenkalkell, which will be held in mid-May and then produces the participant of the 1st main round of the DFB Cup. In addition to the SC Prussia Münster as defending champions are the regional league competitors SV Rödinghausen and red white Ahlen and the third division SC Verl. On Monday, the semi-final encounters were now drawn from the football and athletics association Westphalia (FLVW) in the Hans-Tilkowski house of the Sportcentrum Kaiserau. Opponents of the SC Prussia will – as in the previous year – the SC Verl. It is expected to be played in the Prussia Stadium in early April. Five games in the dressing head have already completed the eagle carriers in this season and prevailed significantly against the competitors. The SV Werl-Aspe was beaten with 12: 0, the TuS teners with 4: 1, the SV Lippstadt with 5: 2 and last the SPVGG Erkenschwick with 5: 0.