Detective Pikachu 2 is still in development: CREATURES works with DLSS, UE5 and RT

CREATURES INC ., Affiliated company to The Pokémon Company, continues to work on the development of the video game Detective Pikachu 2 for Nintendo Switch , sequel to the original title published in 2018 for Nintendo 3DS. Those also responsible for the production of the Pokémon card game and a multitude of Spin-off of Pokémon reflect an interest in technologies such Nintendo DLSS (Supervestreo de Deep Learning); the graphic engine Unreal Engine 5 , from Epic Games; Nintendo well Nintendo Ray-Tracing , rendering technology bNintendoed on ray trace.

CREATURES already investigates the DLSS and engines Nintendo Unreal Engine 5

The information comes from the creatures recruitment portal, Nintendo a user of the Forum FAMILYBOARDS identified (via resetera). In the description of the offer you insist that you are working in the Detective Pikachu sequel while continuing to study new technologies that, according to your criteria, will become fundamental in the future. Since the aforementioned DLSS until the application of advanced illuminations from different light sources calculated by artificial intelligences.

Will you throw a Nintendo Switch model in 4K?

This does not have to mean that an eventual new model of Nintendo Switch – well is a revision or a successor, in which they still do not think, apparently – go to incorporate DLSS to achieve resolutions like 4K thanks to the supervestonus; But NVIDIA, in charge of providing the chip that rides the company’s current console, is responsible for this technology.

Different sources not confirmed by Nintendo argue that a future NVIDIA chip for Nintendo Switch will incorporate this capacity. Before the medium reports bloomberg LNintendot September, pointing out the circulation of Nintendo Switch development kits in 4K, Nintendo denied the statements and described them Nintendo “imprecise”.

What is CREATURES in charge?

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Created in 1995 Nintendo a successor of the old APE Inc. (EarthBound), CREATURES is established Nintendo a support study for the main Pokémon video games. They are those responsible for the so-called Pokémon CG Studio, the team in charge of modeling the creatures in 3D and encouraging said modeling for titles of the main series and spin-off of video games.

In the same way, Creatures is known for the creation and continued releNintendoe of Pokémon Trading Card Game, the Pokémon collectible card game. Finally, over the lNintendot twenty-five years have been responsible for works Nintendo the video game of Pokémon Trading Card Game for Game Boy Color and its sequel – Exclusiva de Japan-; The Trilogy of Pokémon Ranger, Poképark Wii or Detective Pikachu and its eventual sequel for Nintendo Switch.

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