NVIDIA, Jaguar Land Rover and Partnership Announces

As a leader in the AI ​​Computing Technology, NVIDIA (CEO Jensen Huh), as part of the Reimagine Strategy, as part of the Reimagine Strategy, We have announced the development of vehicles.

The system provides a wide range of active safety and automatic driving and parking systems, including driver support systems based on drive AV software, while using drive IX software stacks, and operators and passengers monitoring and advanced visualization It is also expected to provide AI functions inside the vehicle, including.

The symbolic manufacturer of modern luxury vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover and the leader of AI Computing, and AI Computing, NVIDIA is expected to cooperate since 2025 aimed at building future vehicle software definition functions through automatic operation and intelligent functions that are constantly improved.

The vehicles that are cooperated are to be established based on the integrated computer architecture that provides software definition services for continuous customer value and innovative new business models. The combination of centralized computing and wireless upgraded intelligent functions would strengthen supply chain management.

The CEO of Jaguar Land Rover said, “The Long-term Strategic Partnership with NVIDIA will open the door of the possibility of our future vehicles in accordance with the truly global digital power house.”

End-to-end Intelligence

Future Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles are expected to be developed from the beginning to the NVIDIA AI. This development begins in the data center, and the engineers of the two companies used NVIDIA data center solutions to train, test, and verify new automatic driving capabilities using NVIDIA data center solutions.

This includes data center hardware, software, and workflows that are required to develop and verify autonomous driving technology by starting from raw data collection. The NVIDIA DGX supercomputer provides a building block for DNN development and training, and Drive SIM (Drive SIM) said that it enables safe autonomous running experience by supporting the verification, reproducing, and testing in the simulation.

Through NVIDIA OMNIVERSE, engineers will be able to thoroughly test and verify these DNNs through creating fidelity highly composite data as well as virtual collaboration. The NVIDIA Omnibus is an engine that generates synthetic data using actual data for AI network training, and the contents are the official announcement of Jensen Huang CEO in GTC Keynote Speeches on November 9, 2021. Through NVIDIA OMNIVERSE (NVIDIA OMNIVERSE), engineers can not only be collaborated with virtual, but also to test and verify these DNNs through fidelity high composite data generation.

Jaguar Land Rover plans to take advantage of the pool stack solution to the NVIDIA Drive Hyperion, which will take the drive orin centralized AI computing platform and the central nervous system of the vehicle. Drive high ferrions are expected to include safety, security systems, networking, and surrounding sensors used in autonomous driving, parking, and intelligent cockpit applications.

For the future vehicle, the world’s highest level of software and AI engineers offered by NVIDIA and Jaguar Land Rover, during the lifecycle, are planning to continue to improve and support.

Jensen Huang, the founder of NVIDIA, and Jensen Huang will change to one of the largest and most advanced technology industries in the field. Defined and programmable cars defined as software and provide new features and services during the lifetime of vehicles I will say, “he said.

Responsible Future

This new intelligent architecture says that it is not only to change the customer experience, as well as the transition to the Public Train, as well as the transition to the powertrain, not only to change the customer experience, but also to help the surrounding environment. In addition to the future of electric vehicles, the automotive manufacturers have aimed at making carbon emissions to zero across the supply chain, product and operations by 2039, and that they have integrated sustainability in a long tradition.

NVIDIA Announces Partnership with Jaguar Land Rover
On the other hand, Jaguar Land Rover is investing in a safe and convenient and comfortable technology to all road users by developing intelligent vehicles supported by NVIDIA’s high-performance computing. It is expected.