Path of exile

[3.17] Pathfinder with a poisonous mixture – Bild on the hunter (PoE / Path of Exile)

Slot Name of the subject
Helmet Rare helmet with evasion, health, resistances, “+ 9% for damage from chaos on the closest opponents” and spells on a pool mixture
Amulet Amulet with agriculture with health, mana deduction efficiency, “-8 to the value of the skills” and an increase in the range (+ catalyst)
Bib Rare bib with health, suppressing spell and health maximum in the form of an energy shield
Gloves Rare gloves with evasion, energy shield, health, attack speed, multiplier of periodic damage from chaos and resistance
Belt Rare belt with force, health,% of maximum health, effect of infusion and resistance
Rings Iolate ring with health, resistances, “-8 to the value of skills”, despair when hitting and characteristics (+ catalyst)
Shield Spider-wolf

【PoE 3.17】Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder | Top Tier Starter For 3.17!【Build Guide | Path of Exile】


Gems Maximum health, a multiplier of periodic damage from chaos, damage from poisons


1 Granite bottle of armadired
2 Sulfur vial of owl
3 Silver bottle pigeon
4 Saturated eternal bottle of life
5 Mercury bottle of Chepada

Cheetah can be replaced with catanina (in this case, the poisonous mixture will be worth 7 mana units).

If you are going to make vials on your own, read the guide on the crafting of the bottles.

five. Conclusion

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