Knockout city

Submerged: Hidden Depths: Secrets for sunken world are leased in March

The Indie developer UpperCut Games is published Submerged: Hidden Depths on March 10, 2022 on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Playstation 4 | 5 and PC publish.

Submerged. Hidden Depths plays in a breathtaking city surrounded by a dark secret. In the adventure and exploration, players climb the ruins of the sunken skyscrapers to uncover the history of the sunken city while enjoying their beauty and peace.

The protagonists Miku and Taku have their own story with the darkness, and while one wants to use them for the good, the other is afraid that they will tear them apart.

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The UpperCut team has created a perfect balance of excitement and relaxation, the Submerged: Hidden Depths gives a quality that pulls the player in the spell as he roams the open city and reveals their secrets.

Submerged: Hidden Depths - Official Trailer | Only on Stadia

With the freedom to explore the city at its own pace, players are invited to take time and to explore this fight-free title really thoroughly.

“Originally we have developed Submerged: Hidden Depths for Google Stadia, this is a new beginning for the game, which will appear on March 10 for PC and consoles,” says Ed Orman, co-founder of Uppercut Games: Hidden Depths, and It is great to show the difference to learning for the game. Our vision has been preserved, as well as our desire to create a relaxing experience for the players, but the quality and depth of our work has risen. “


  • Extensive outdoor environments: explore a rich, colorful and vibrant world.
  • Relaxing experience: plays in your own pace with freedom to enjoy the beauty of Submerged: Hidden Depths.
  • Discovery: Search for hidden objects to uncover the story will find upgrades for your boat and discover new creatures.
  • Boating: Driving with the motorboat through the impressive streets of the city and discovered new areas that applies.
  • Riddle: climbs, sails and uses abandoned mechanisms to loosen physics puzzles and ventilate the mystery of the city.
  • Advanced Player Tools: Fans of the predecessor Submerged will be happy about further developed tools and puzzles when in SUMMERGED: Hidden Depths.