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How long does Horizon Forbidden West last: every main quest in the game

How long does it take to beat Horizon Forbidden West? Aloy’s second adventure is a much more extensive excursion than your debut title of 2017, and Guerilla’s latest game is packed with a lot to see and do. The main history alone will take some time to experience them from start to finish, and it’s hard not to distract from all the secondary content that the forbidden West has to offer. Horizon Forbidden West is a tremendous game, but how long will you need to complete it?

How long does it take to beat Horizon Forbidden West?

The main history of Horizon Forbidden West can be completed in about 20-25 hours. This estimate applies to players who ignore all side contents of the game and prioritize Aloy’s main journey through the forbidden West. In view of the size of the game, however, most people will be involved in at least a few side quests.

When you play the game normally and complete a handful of side quests and optional activities such as Cauldrons, Rebel Camps and Tallnecks, your playing time can reach 40 hours or longer, depending on how far from the main path. If you complete any additional activity, upgrading your entire equipment and you want to receive the platinum trophy, then you can expect Horizon Forbidden West estimated 80 hours or more.

To summarize it again, here’s how long it will take to complete Horizon Forbidden West.

  • Main history: 20-25 hours
  • Main story + side quests: 40 hours
  • Complete: 80 hours


Full mission list of Horizon Forbidden West

There are 17 main story missions in Horizon Forbidden West and each of them is listed below. Note that the following list can contain smaller spoilers.

  • To reach for the stars
  • The tip of the lance
  • for the abyss
  • The Embassy
  • The door of death
  • The Dying Countries
  • The broken sky
  • The Eye of the Earth
  • the kullut
  • Cradle of echoes
  • The Sandmeer
  • Seeds of the past
  • Faros Grab
  • Twins
  • All that remains
  • The wings of the ten
  • Singularity

The last quest of the main history, singularity, is a level 35 mission. This is not the maximum level in Horizon Forbidden West, but it’s still up there. You probably need to perform at least a few sub-activities to achieve an appropriate level to complete the main history. Fortunately, there is no shortage of optional activities in Horizon Forbidden West, and most people will participate in at least a few side quests on their journey anyway.

Horizon prohibited west is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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