Game filters can not be prevented: BioShock

Games based on games and series are made public than mushrooms with a pouring rain. Recently, the it takes Two as well as american McGee’s Alice, now the information was obtained from a movie based on bioshock.

The forthcoming Raina is the fruit of Netflix, TAKE-Two Interactive and this 2K subsidiary. The film will be deemed to be considered in the Netflix service in due course, but there is no more than that of the upcoming production.

Bioshocks are the first-person shootings where players are exported to retrofuturistic worlds, more specifically under the sea and the clouds on top of the clouds.

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To date, three titles have been published in the series, for 2007 bioshock, 2010 bioshock 2, and in 2013 daylight seen bioshock infinite. Configured threesome in 2017 to one package bioshock: The Collection collection, whose review can be read via this link (klik).

The idea of ​​bioshock movie was mentioned in our site in the Christmas Calendar (KLIK). Time to show whether other wishes will also be obtained in times of movies. The series of alan WEKEn has been for some time in scheme.