Is Capcom causing a new Resident Evil ad?

Capcom Is Releasing New Resident Evil Info This Week!!!
Could Capcom be causing an announcement that could relate to the Resident Evil franchise? Early this morning, the Japanese videogame editor revealed that he had launched a new page on his website that simply presented a countdown clock and nothing more. The clock itself is not programmed to expire until within almost a full week, but when it does, it is assumed that a new announcement related to an upcoming Capcom game will end up appearing. And although there is no guarantee that this revelation is linked to Resident Evil, it seems to be a good possibility.

The reason why Resident Evil seems to be a good candidate to receive some kind of advertisement in the near future is because Capcom often does something new with the franchise annually. At this time, nothing associated with Resident Evil will not be launched this year, which is a bit unusual given the importance of the series recently. As such, there is a possibility that this countdown may be associated with the new rumored version of R. RESIDENT EVIL 4 or even the DLC that is in development for Resident Evil Village. Looking even further on the road, RESIDENT EVIL 9 is also surely a game that will arise at some point, but such revelation will surely not happen soon.

However, as mentioned, there is a good possibility that this countdown is not related to Resident Evil at all and could be literally associated with any other property that Capcom can possess. In case you have forgotten, Capcom has an IP war chest that includes Mega Man, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry and many more. Essentially, there are innumerable possibilities at stake here, so we will have to be patient and see what is developed from this in the near future.

Obviously, every time this countdown comes to an end, we will make sure to share the news of this announcement here with you on comicbook.com. Until then, be sure to let me know what your best hypothesis could be for this countdown in the comments or on Twitter in @ mooreman12.