Capcom teases Resident Evils content

Last update there is February 15, 2022

Capcom seems to have a weakness for the Teasers right now because they now tease new Resident Evil content. We do not know yet what is announced, but several options are available.

Last year, Capcom announced that Resident Evil Village would get DLCs. This teaser could concern this since we did not hear much about said DLC. We must certainly get information on DLC plans at this point.

Another option is to involve Resident Evil 4 remake, whose rumor has been raging for a long time. Capcom has not yet officially announced it, but all rumors and reports indicate that this happens.

Capcom also comes to participate in a series of resident remakes Evil. We had 2 and 3. it would make sense that 4 is the next.

I look forward to information on the downloadable content of Residen Evil Village. It would be more logical to release the DLC for this game before announcing a brand new game you want to sell. It seems preferable to give players time to browse the DLC of the last game.

It is also quite possible that we get a bit of both. Some DLCs are revealed with an ad launched at the end. Go to Resident Evil simply.

Anyway, I know I’m delighted. As a survival horror fan, it is difficult not to love the recent Evil resident entries. They were a fantastic horror action. Whether it is the remake of Resident Evil 4 or a DLC for village; I will definitely buy it.

What do you think Capcom will announce? Are you interested in a remake of Resident Evil 4? Let us know in the comments below!