Smile Gate Virtual Artist Hana, YG Cay Plus and Exclusive Contract

The Smile Gate said on the 14th that the Virtual Artist had a contract with YG Kay Plus.

She is going to show her colorful appearance in various areas, including her broadcast, youTube, performances, and advertisements.

YG K-Plus is an employment person who has been exploring a lot of new rookies to emit a global star, a global model, and a project that is active on a variety of stage, such as Bae Yun-young and Broadcasting and Fashion, and a project idol group ATO6 And the like is affiliated. Especially, throughout the YG Entertainment and close consultation, it is synergistic in various aspects such as entertainment and arts, in addition to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

YG K-Plus Gahaki CEO is “an artist that meets the flow of the MZ generation that pursues freshness and fun, and she is a prepared entertainer with a good ability to be a multi-aspect. She will not spend a fully supported support and cheering for the most representative virtual artist in the metabus industry, “he said.

“The Humanjeong, a smile gate IP business,” said Baek Min-jung, “I will have a contract with the best manager, a virtual manager, and will be a more wide range of stages,” said Park Min-jung, “I will be a chance to show a variety of appearance on a wider stage” Only Han Yu said, “I am going to show you a great deal of charming.”

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According to Bloomberg, the Virtual Influide Market is expected to reach about 14 trillion won in 2025. This means that the human influenza market size (13 trillion won) is overtaken.

Meanwhile, the Smile Gate Virtual Artist Hana Yoo, who was in November, the International Sloming Development NGO Hope for the Huanghua Moku Measures, and the recent fashion magazine pictorial recently, the recent fashion magazine pictorial shooting, and is ahead of the release of the end of February.