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LOL: How many different skills are there in the game? The answer has an almost unknown trick

Although it is one of the tools with which Riot Games wants to keep players interested, the number of champions of League of Legends can cause many problems to developers. When Renata Glasc is one to the game on the next 12.4 patch, there will be a total of 159 unique characters with its own skills and differentiating elements. A number of excessively high variables that should work perfectly both in themselves how in relation to all others.

League of Legends has more skills than you think

One of the most interesting elements in this regard are the skills. They are destined to characterize the gameplay of our favorite character and strengthen the identity of him, but there are so many that it is almost impossible to know everything about them. In fact, is very likely that you do not know how to say exactly how many are in the game . Not all the characters have the same number of spells and, in addition, the champions are not the only ones who can use magic in League of Legends.

To start with a simple account, the sum of the skills of all the League of Legends champions (already counting to Renata) is 854 . A result that we arrived taking into account both passive and active of all the characters, in addition to the special cases of those who have more spells than the rest. Already in this amount we find a few curiosities that Azir, Zeri and Aphelios are the only ones with restricted choice at the first level of the game.

However, the truly interesting thing comes from here. Knowing how many skills are there in League of Legends, it is not just a matter of multiplying, since the champions are not the only ones who have spells. Both the Baron Nashor and the herald of the crack also have the privilege of channeling magic. The first sum to the list a total of five passive and four ‘active’, while the second only sum of four innate spells and two that he launches in combat. In this way the list begins to swell and already ascends until 869 .

From here we leave the officiality, but we can still continue to add skills to League of Legends. Dragons have two particular effects: their basic attacks are counted as skills by the game and have a special movement when activated. Two more we can add to a list that we could still increase thanks to the Torres . These structures have a total of five additional passive skills with their scope of vision, damage or resistance.

In case of adding these skills to the list, we should do the same with those of the subjects. normal minions have a passive that determines how much damage receive from the turrets so that they always lose the same percentage of life, while those enhanced by the inhibitor have two different ones: one that also determines the damage received and It makes resistant to distance attacks and another that enters the rest of nearby minions. The latter is created so that the lines with destroyed inhibitors are pushed faster by offering more resources to the team that is losing.

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Attending all these factors, the total sum of League of Legends skills would ascend until 881.