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Capcom prepares an advertisement for the next week

CAPCOM's Mysterious Countdown | What Could Be Announced!?
To create emotion in the public, Capcom has shared a countdown. At the moment it is unknown what will happen once the numbers reach zero, but it is likely that a special announcement will be known. The question is: Will it be worth waiting for so long?

During the night of yesterday, Capcom shared a link to a site that shows us a regressive account. Currently, We are six days and 15 hours from the event that the Japanese company has planned for us . Although for the moment the nature of this campaign is unknown, the possibility of being related to Street Fighter, Resident Evil or Monster Hunter is not ruled out.

Along with this, remember that DLC for Resident Evil Village is already under development, so the possibility of seeing what kind of additional content will come to this game. Although seeing something about well-known projects, such as street Fighter VI or MONSTER HUNTER RISE: Sunbreak, the announcement could well be related to something completely new. Perhaps the countdown is related to _PRAGMATA _ .

Whatever it is, next February 21 at 00:00 AM (Time of Mexico City), we will have an answer . On related topics, Capcom reports great profits. Similarly, these are the new Remake reports of Resident Evil 4.

Editor’s note:

Although I would love to see something related to Mega Man, Monster Hunter or Resident Evil, the chances that this announcement is related to Pragmata, are high. Similarly, it is not discarded something completely new.