WhatsApp is updated to arrange an important vulnerability

Not long ago, an important vulnerability was discovered in WhatsApp that basically gave you access to your personal information to hackers. The good news is that through a new update, its managers already managed to correct this security violation that was happening in both iOS and Android.

According to Incibe , this is how this vulnerability worked:

“A lack of checking in the analysis code of Flag RTCP, it could allow a cybercontinquent reading outside the limits of the battery (heap), after sending an RTCP package specifically designed during an established call.”

Fix WhatsApp Business All Problem Solved
How to know if I’m already protected against this? First of all, we suggest you enter the Play Store or App Store and verify that you do not have any update available for whatsapp, but specifically, you should have these versions:

-WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business for Android v2.21.23.2

  • WhatsApp for iOS v2.21.230.6

  • WhatsApp Business for iOS v2.21.230.7

  • WhatsApp Desktop V2.2145.0

WhatsApp has already solved this error, however, it is necessary to upgrade to the most recent version so that the solution can be reflected in your application. Similarly, remember that these cell phones will no longer be compatible with whatsapp this year, so we suggest taking a look at the list in case you have doubts.

Editor’s note: Generally speaking, whatsapp has proven to be a pretty safe messaging platform. Of course, this does not mean that it is impossible to hack, but at least serious cases of leakage, data theft or some other more dangerous thing have been reported.