Path of exile

Path of Exile: Hyde for choosing equipment for pumping the hero (PoE 3.17)

The process of increasing the character level in the path of exile is often quite long and complex, but if there is proper equipment, almost any hero will easily pass the entire content. Regardless of which build you have chosen for pumping, the presence of good armor and weapons will significantly speed up the achievement of the final stage of the game. Many of the elements of equipment have one major advantage – can be used in various builds. This means that when changing Bild, you will not have to buy new armor or weapons. Almost all the equipment, which is recommended to us to increase the level of the character in PoE, is relatively inexpensive. I have not regrets for her money, you will save a lot of time that would spend on a long and complex pumping, if you had bad armor, accessories and weapons. In this guide, we will tell you what kind of equipment you need to choose to pump the hero in the path of exile to quickly reach the maximum level.


  • 1. Costs for time saving
  • 2. Armor for pumping in Path of Exile
  • 3. Accessories for pumping in PoE
  • 4. Weapon for pumping in Path of Exile
  • 5. Additional Information

1. Costs for time saving

Knowing several unique methods of facilitating the process of pumping in Path of Exile significantly speeds up the achievement of the final stage of the game. If you are interested in increasing the level of several heroes in the league, you will definitely need to invest certain finances in the baseboard to simplify the task and save a lot of time. Since multiple equipment, which is most effective when pumping, is relatively cheap, the spheres of chaos that you spend on its acquisition, in the future you will return to you, perhaps even in double quantities. Simply put, spending the spheres of chaos at the very beginning, you will save a lot of time that can be given to the pharmacy of this currency at high levels.

Also, do not forget that if necessary, all the binding items you can resell. But it is advisable to think about it when reaching the last stage of the game.

2. Armor for pumping in Path of Exile

In this section, you will find recommendations for the selection of armor, which are most often used to pump characters in PoE. Some subjects of this category have their own unique features that make sense only in the context of specific builds. We will not consider them because they are undesirable for new players. One of the bright examples was the Baron helmet. It is much better than a popular golden cap, if you are a newcomer who has chosen the specialization “Necromancer”. However, in other situations it is impractical to use it.

When it comes to improving equipment, pump only those objects that have the main characteristics affecting your survival and resistance to the elements. If you can afford to buy Tabula Race (it is relatively inexpensive at the beginning of the league), then because of the huge number of socket connections you have almost no such problems as a lack of damage.


The Golden Cap is a standard item for a slot slot that is used in most buildings to increase the character level in the path of exile. It provides a huge amount of resistance to elements from level 1. The Golden Cap can be worn throughout the time of pumping until you get a stronger helmet, which is usually happening at maximum levels.


Tabula Rasa is one of the most popular and demanded items in the game, which has the status of the premium class, if we are talking about the armor necessary for pumping. And although novice may seem that Tabula Ras is very expensive, especially at the beginning of the league, it is still worth getting it. The easiest way to feed this item is to collect fortune-maps humility. A set of 9 cards can be exchanged for tabula raus.

What is so attractive Tabula Race? The fact that she has 6 nests. This makes it indispensable for most assemblies. If necessary, you can safely use it up to 80 levels and further if you do not have better options.

Alternative to this breastnik – the skin of faithful. It offers more opportunities, but only “prosperous” players will suit, because it is much more expensive compared to Tabula Race. However, the skin of faithful is considered to date the best choice for pumping the character. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, be sure to purchase it.


  • Lask Lockon can be worn from level 1. These gloves provide a sharp increase in attack and protection characteristics. They can be used without improvement for a long time, but later you will have to improve their quality to get additional protection in the form of resistance.
  • Grief of Him (9 level) and its alternative version of the Burn of Christ for 24 levels are often used by players who pump the character with a stone whirlwinds blades.
  • Sadima touch gloves are available from 9 levels and it is worth choosing if you decide to play the hero-archer.


  • Wanderers – the most affordable and effective subject for the “shoes” slot, which is suitable for pumping, regardless of the selected build. It not only gives full immunity to freezing, which will definitely be useful to you until it obtains a special bottle with the corresponding suffix, but also increases the speed of movement by 20%. Shoes can not be changed throughout the entire pumping time, but if you have the opportunity, put on the hero instead of the wanderers another rare shoes, which has more addition to the speed of movement and bonuses to health and resistance.
  • Slorvers are a truly luxurious version of shoes for pumping, which provides a huge speed of movement, but it is very expensive. Slorvers are a good choice for players who want to pump several buildings at once. And their speed bonus significantly saves the time required to achieve the goal.

3. Accessories for pumping in PoE

Here you will find the best accessories that are used by players while raising the level of characters in PoE. In general, accessories are not as important as armor, but they allow you to increase the damage caused by the hero and significantly reduce the time spent on pumping.

Usually the most efficient options for pumping accessories are at least 2-3 spheres of chaos. They are a bit more expensive than some types of weapons and armor, so it is worth spending on them or not, to solve only you. If you are planning to pump one or two builds after the league start, you will have to invest in the purchase of accessories to speed up the process.



  • Shi’s breath is the perfect choice for players who plan to make a necromancer from their hero. The list of its advantages includes accessibility from level 1, a bonus to protection and damage called by creatures, as well as a decrease in the cost of mana on spells.
  • The fad of ATZIRI can be used from 16 levels. It increases the reserve of mana and reduces the requirements for characteristics to gems and subjects. This amulet is as much as possible for builds that need an additional man when wearing Tabula Race (on the early stage of the mana game is rapidly depleted due to 6 sockets), or players trying to wear specific equipment elements, but they do not have enough characteristics.
  • Salute DresoSo (16 level) and heart of the slaughterhouse (20 levels) – a great option for the climbing class builds with tough zeal. However, you can take something else instead because it all depends on your specific skill selection.
  • Astreplaints adds a huge number of characteristics, which can be useful to certain builds and classes, such as the ascended. This amulet is available from 20 levels.
  • The sacrificial heart is an extremely valuable amulet who adds a lot of spontaneous damage to attacks. Most often it is used in conjunction with a stone whirlwind wwls Waal. The sacrificial heart is available from 32 levels and can be used archers based on elements.


  • Pendants seal is one of the “premium class” items, which can be used from 1 level to get an increase in experience and increase the chance of loss of wisdom scroll. Thanks to the accelerated mana regeneration from this ring, you may not attempt to get an amulet of the fad of ATZIRI. With the launch of transduces, you will never have problems with mana. The cost of this accessory depends on the league and can be both low and quite high.
  • Trick of Berek, Jumble Berek and Berek’s Truck can be worn from 20 levels. They provide an increase in damage and high protective characteristics. Berek’s trick, as a rule, the best of three rings, but the priority of the accessory may vary depending on the build of the build and passive skills. If you are using transfection of transduce, then you should choose Berek rings when you can no longer kill monsters with one touch of the ability. The time saved by increasing damage is much better than a 2% increase in the experience gained. Beck trick is especially good for builds that use stones storms storms or lightning chain, as some of the passive skills in your tree can also increase the damage from elements and lightning in particular.
  • Le Hop universal gives literally everything is damage, resistance, characteristics and even a bonus increase rare found items! It can be worn from 24 levels, but note that some buildings are better to choose Berek rings, instead of the accessory.
  • Thief flour offers good protection, but does not allow the player to use other rings. Some builds, especially those that quickly spend Manu or HP, will get maximum benefits from it. If you use the vortex stones and / or the twir of arrows, you may come to thieves flour.


  • The recently darkness is the best option for various buildings. He has no requirements for the level, although it is necessary for this that you will receive gems of the abyss in advance that have low level requirements or have no requirements at all. In addition, you will have to be stockpalls of the abyss of a higher level, so that your hero can develop as pumping.
  • The meginord belt provides a significant increase in the characteristics of the “power”, which can be useful for characters that do not pump the corresponding nodes in the passive skills tree, especially if they use or plan to use in their builds of red skills. Additional bonuses from the belt – the resistance of cold and health, which makes it one of the popular options for pumping characters that have no desire to mess with gems of the abyss. The meginord belt can be put on the 8th level.
  • Zmia skin is an alternative to the belt of Meginord and it can also be worn from 8 levels. It gives not only “power”, but also “Intellect”. In addition, it has the same bonuses to health and cold resistance. Also pay attention to the fact that the skin of Zmia provides abductions from opponents of health and mana. This will significantly increase the survival rate of some buildings.
  • Color’s plexus is available from 25 levels and is suitable for any builds that apply a natural damage by attacking skills. Ghostly throw and twir arrows – the perfect choice for this belt.

4. Weapon for pumping in Path of Exile

Weapons are what you need to choose with special care because it does not have clear faces, unlike armor and accessories. Some special types of weapons, such as the Poet Feather, are available at low levels and can remain relevant even after you reached the final stage of the game. Other types of weapons, such as a live escape, you need to use only at certain levels, and later they must be replaced by other, stronger options.

In general, melee builds will quickly understand that their weapons directly affect the ease of pumping, since it all depends on its base damage. Therefore, if you play with a melee build or use the ability to damage near, then purchase several types of weapons with the prospect of their further improvement as the level increases.

For bills of corders, the choice of weapons is less important, although there are good options for them. Nevertheless, some players are quite enough to get something on the likeness of the eternity of the axioms and use it until the end of the game, provided that they have Tabula Race. This is due to the fact that the damage of the abilities of the spellcasters depends on the properties of the weapon. It is influenced by the connections of the nests and selected nodes in the passive skill tree.


Live escape has many characteristics and is available from 1 level. Because it is possible to effectively use weapons with 6 connections in the act 1 is impossible due to the lack of really useful support stones, you can install in it the abilities that will be effective during the first 10 levels, such as a cold wave.

Most players pumping the level of heroes with elemental damage or character characters, at 10 level choose instead of the living escape Eternity of axioms, which is a pair weapon.

The feather of the poet can be used only from level 12 and this is perhaps the best option for pumping in the game. The Poet feather is investing one in both hands and establish rabies, exhumation and unstable corpse in it.

These wands can be used to pump the hero regardless of the selected build and they are one of the easiest ways to pass the game. The main disadvantage of the poet’s feather is that you get two such weapons at once very expensive. In addition, you need to have certain knowledge of how this weapon is combined with various stones, which there are no newbies.


The eternity of axioms is one of the best items in the game for pumping the hero Caster, because it has many valuable characteristics and good damage. In addition, it can be used from level 10. Most players who received the eternity of axioms prefer to use it with two hands, because there are not so many shields in the game that are suitable for the replacement of the second scepter.


one-handed swords

  • They-Gorosh are very rare mining, which can be obtained after the killing Hillock, so this weapon is quite expensive. However, some builds simply need to be purchased to go through most of the content that Path of Exile offers without any problems. This sword can be put on level 2 and with proper use it can become the most powerful weapon for pumping. However, it is not popular because of its rarity, high costs and the fact that it is not suitable for a number of top bilds of melee.
  • Red beak – available from level 1, but has weak characteristics, which is sufficient only for early pumping stages. You can use it until you have the opportunity to choose something better.
  • Aurumvorax provides a huge damage and a large number of resistance, which is incredibly useful during pumping. This weapon can be used from level 17.
  • Spike Fakey – a choice for specific assemblies aimed at the spontaneous damage. It can be used from 22 levels and preferably combine with such gems as a ghostly throw.

Two-handed swords

  • Sharing the sting – a two-handed sword that can be used from 14 levels. It has equal shares of physical and spontaneous damage, as well as the effect that gives freezing resistance. This weapon gives a player a lot of advantages, especially if you have no shoes wanderers.
  • The face of madness inflicts a mixed damage with a focus on chaos damage. It can be worn from level 22 and, as a rule, this is the best option for pumping until you have a cry of Rigvald.
  • Clence Rigvald is an excellent choice for pumping heroes with builds, oriented exclusively on physical damage. It becomes available from 44 levels. Clence Rigvald offers a good damage and an additional speed of movement.
  • A solid blade is a good solution for the “shirt” with the passive ability to climb the “executioner”. This sword is available at 59 levels and is ideal for completing the storyline.
  • Pride Condo – replacement with a solid blade that will suit the players of other classes. With it, you can apply a big damage that it will help to quickly go through the last steps of the game. Pride Condo can be used from 61 levels.


one-handed axes

  • Cloycot Eagle is an ax that can be equipped with a hero at 6 levels and higher. It gives an increase to some valuable characteristics and is an excellent choice for an early pumping phase. Its advantage was the increase in the speed of movement, which will help to quickly pass the plot chain of tasks.
  • Increased anger causes a good damage and allows you to install such a stone support as achieving. You can also use a combat rage with this ax to increase damage applied and get additional bonuses. Inexplicable anger is available at 29 level, and it can be called a budget version of the griffin.
  • Griffin is a good replacement of an eagle cloth, which is suitable for level 32 players and higher. It provides excellent damage and has a number of useful properties. In addition, after killing the enemy, this weapon the speed of your movement increases by 15%! Selecting the griffin, you will significantly speed up pumping, but get ready for the fact that it will cost expensive.

Two-handed axes

  • The cutter gives good characteristics and can be used from 13 levels. As in the case of a wicked escape, you can wear it for some time. After you have to choose another weapon, because it is unlikely to have a stone skill with a few stones of support, even if she was hoping her tabula raus on him.
  • The pursuit of the reservoir is an excellent option for the development of a character that has reached 33 levels. The property “From the blows cannot be reduced” is incredibly useful because it eliminates the need to use the key passive skill of accurate blows and solve the problem with a lack of accuracy with which many two-handed bildes are facing.
  • Bloody reaper has a good damage and can be purchased for a small cost. He also gives the player a decent protective and attacking benefits, among which bleeding and restoring health.
  • The kaoma championship and the flame of Ngamakh are used at the final stages of pumping. Like the previous version, these axes can be bought at a low price. Both weapons apply the same damage, so you can choose the item that is most suitable for your build.


one-handed bulva

  • Bloody cramp can be used from level 10, and he offers a pretty damage to the player. You can use this weapon for several initial levels, so that there are 1 and 2 acts without difficulties.
  • Shining beak is available from 20 levels and is an ideal option for builds that use the skit’s skill skill stone by increasing the speed of attack. The shining beak players choose mainly due to its bonus to speed, and not because of the damage. We recommend to give him preference if you do not pursue the goal to apply a huge damage and chose the stones whirlwinds of blades or righteous fire.

Two-handed Bulava

  • The anthem of Grimno can be put on a character from level 17. It offers good damage and the ability to absorb the vitality of the enemy.
  • The blessing of Jofry opens at 27 levels. This weapon is ideal for builds that make focus on accurate blows.
  • Panhida Grimno is a good choice as an alternative to the hymn of grimno. You can use it from 36 levels.


  • Bloodstavor – Dagger for level 5 and above, which is the cheapest option for pumping the character.
  • Dagger Angila offers a good set of characteristics and is available from 20 levels.
  • Fresh reserves – excellent dagger for pumping, which can be equipped with a character from 35 levels. He gives a bonus to strength, which is very valuable for some classes, such as a gangster. In addition, it allows you to restore part of the HP when drawing damage, which is quite good.
  • Klyuk Arakali is an excellent choice for any right build for pumping, but it costs expensive. This weapon can be worn from 53 levels. As practice shows, this dagger is much stronger than its level analogues and if you can afford it to buy, be sure to do it. If you choose a build suitable for this weapon, it will be possible to use it throughout the game, without thinking about buying another option.


  • The last tool has low requirements and at the same time causes good damage. You can use these claws from 3 levels.
  • The ferocious punch is available for levels 12+ characters and is an improved version of the latter.
  • Lanyard thoughts and movements offers a player a strong spontaneous damage. Wear this weapon on the hero can be 22 levels.
  • The bite of death opens at 34 levels. These claws are rightfully considered one of the best options for builds that do not know how to damage the chaos or poison.


  • Thunder cloud – bow for 6 levels and above. The ideal option for any heroes-archers with a damage from the elements, regardless of the selected build. Damage can be increased with a tree of passive skills to make this weapon strong even for 50-60 levels.
  • Rota limit is another good option for archers with partial physical damage or conversion of physical. damage to the spontaneous. If you already have a thunderstorm cloud, it is not necessary to choose the company limit, unless its property “skills amazed the goals on the chain: +1” does not have much benefit for your build.
  • Thunder shackles can be used at 32 levels. This bow is a worthy replacement of the thunderstorm cloud. Choose it if your hero is damage from lightning or other elements.


  • Head brokenpers and drops of rocks open at 5 levels. None of them have special advantages, but if you pump the level of the archer and want to speed up this process as soon as possible, you can purchase them.
  • Bite Hairry is an excellent quiver that can be worn from level 10. It has a good set of characteristics, increases the damage applied and the attack speed. In addition, the quiver increases the scope of the ability and restores a small percentage of CP when applying damage.
  • Signal fire is available from 24 levels. It is impossible to say that this is a universal option for all buildings, but it will become particularly useful if you use the skill of the skirmis of arrows.
  • Pierce of Shea – Krzchan for 36+ level heroes. It represents the value for individual builds, for example, for those that use the punch of the elements.

5. Additional Information

What are the items of equipment most important for pumping the hero?

Despite the fact that every object of the equipment is value, during the character pumping, you do not have to acquire rare items for each slot. It is enough to buy some good things to greatly facilitate the task. In the future, you can transfer them to your other heroes when you decide to play for a new class. At the request of unnecessary items used for pumping, you can resell and return the money invested in them.

What equipment elements are most important for pouring a character in Path of Exile:

  • Tabula Race is the most important thing in which you should invest your money. This bib is basic for any build, while you increase the level of the hero.
  • The Golden Cap adds a large number of resistance and increases the rarity of the objects dropped from monsters.
  • Wanderers are useful for beginners thanks to the bonus to the speed of movement and immunity to freezing.
  • Rings trick of Berek and Pendanov’s seizure will become an excellent addition to your bild.
  • Be sure to buy one of the inexpensive belts – the reacted darkness, the belt of Megijnord or the skin of Zmia.

Replacing items recommended by us for pumping on items from your build

If you found the guide, which lists the most suitable equipment for your chosen package, you can put it on your character when you start raising his level. All armor, accessories and weapons offered by us in this article are recommended, and not strictly fixed. They possess large bonuses for “young” heroes, can be used by various buildings and are considered an ideal option for those who are going to develop several characters within the same league. If you think your build is needed other items, choose them.

How long can we carry the equipment selected for pumping?

How long can you carry armor, amulets and weapons bought for pumping the hero depends on different factors. For example, Tabula Race can not be changed throughout the game, while the Gloves of the Laston Laston must be replaced by the moment you meet with China in the act 6. If you doubt the feasibility of wearing selected armor, accessories and weapons, pay attention on the state of their resistances. You need them to be at 75%. This is especially important at the stage of the Act 6 and below. If there is 75% resistance, then the armor can not be changed.