League of legends

LOL: Tyler1 leaves his rival completely broken after an exquisite play with Rakan

Season 12 of League of Legends is giving a lot to talk after the changes seen in the game experience of many of the concepts inside the summaker crack. From the changes to some runes (and the appearance of others), the new dragons that swarm through the map or the arrival of the new objects have caused sudden but effective changes within the riot Games. Many are the players who are scalanding without ceasing this month, among them Tyler1. **

The famous streamer and creator of content for T1, was proposed earlier of the year Climb to the range of Challenger in the role of _Support _ to show that anyone, if proposed, can raise ELO playing any position. Well, the passage from him by this role seems that he is going into all candle aft, since this time we will bring you a second time a play that has surprised us a lot coming from a player who is not assiduous to Play this role.

The American streamer, who had Rakan in his hands, was in a game very favorable for his team in a few minutes, thanks especially to the lower lane. It was not until the exit of the _botlane and he began to go around the map when the real party began. As you can see on the clip, the enemy jarvan ** I wanted to end the life of the charming that he had a pretty juicy reward that would make him much stronger at the midgame.

For unfortunate, Tyler1 was so plugged that he could dodge all the rival’s rushes, leaving him quite sold up to three times with very well executed movements. You just have to hear the scream that hit anything else to finish the play. Surprise the evolution of players like that, which began their trip through the platform being extremely toxic and that is currently one of the streamers most entertaining throughout the community.