Guardian Tales, Slayers NEXT and Collabo progress

Cacao Games (CEO) (CEO) said on the 11th, the Mobile RPG ‘Guardian Tales’ developed by the US Developer’s Bean Studio (WON) was developed on the “Slayers NEXT” and collaboration.

One of the famous animation series ‘Slayers TV’, ‘Slayers NEXT’ is a work that has been a film that leaves the journey to find the ‘Rina’ party ‘Claire Bible’, and is also being evaluated as the most popular series among the series.

Guardian Tales | 【Slayers Next】collaboration with New Guild Arcade Games, Heroes and Costumes!

Cacao Games added three species of limited character, such as ‘Rogin Hunter Rina’, ‘Genius Test Gari’, ‘Conductor Gorus’ through this collateral. In addition, in a total of two collaboration short stories, the ‘Rina’ of ‘Rina’, which fell on the ‘Kentorberry Kingdom’ through the ‘crack of the kentorberry’ through the ‘cracker kingdom’, and the various episodes It was released.

In addition, we opened the ‘Guild Entertainment Room’ where you can enjoy a variety of mini games. Users can enter the entertainment room through the “entertainment period” placed in the Guild Castle, and they can compete with the guilds through the highest score recorded by three mini-games.

Cacao Games will provide a variety of items necessary for growth, such as a unique hero ‘Gari’ and ‘Gari-only equipment’ for the use of a special live event, which celebrates this college by March 10, In addition, we conduct the ‘Hero pickup’ event to meet a variety of heroes, such as ‘Carol’ and ‘Lucy’ and the ‘Future Princess’, including ‘Carol’, ‘Lucy’ and ‘Future Princess’.

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