According to Uncharted movie: comes a PlayStation

On February 17, the Uncharted movie starts in German cinemas, but already there is another, also very popular PlayStation series in conversation for a possible canvas appearance. The speech is from Jak and Daxter.

Will the Playstation heroes celebrate a comeback soon?

Video game films do not have the best reputation . Neither under film fans nor under gamers. See Max Payne, Doom, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and many more. Uncharted, however, wants to make it better and like both film fans and gamers.

Should the movie arrive positively at the audience and ring the coffers accordingly, but then another gaming of developers Naughty Dog could celebrate a comeback on the big canvas : Jak and Daxter.

Uncharted director Ruben Butcher wants to retrieve the iconic duo and already works on a concrete implementation as he revealed in an interview. (Source: Digital Trends)

_ “I’m working on a version of Jak and Daxter and I think it would be really cool to bring her to life.” _

АНЧАРТЕД : На картах не значится - ОТЗЫВ о фильме от ФАНАТА серии Uncharted

And also “Nathan Drake” actor Tom Holland wishes a “Jak and Daxter” film . Holland even has a wish studio for the project with A24 (Source: Collider).

But if it will ever come to a cinema appearance of Jak and Daxter, is still uncertain, because neither Sony, nor Naughty Dog have previously been commented on the subject.

Who are Jak and Daxter?

At the time of the PlayStation 2, Jak and Daxter were a big deal! The row began as a squeaked jump, n ‘run and was with the Sequel Jak II: Renegade to a child-friendly GTA alternative . Gloomy open-world, fats and vehicle theft inclusive.

The concept came at the players and followed several continuations : Jak 3, the racing game Jak X, as well as the handheld offshoot Daxter for the PlayStation Portable. In 2009, Jak and Daxter appeared: The Last Frontier the last part of the series for the time being.