WMADID, NFT Fluidization Services Strategic Investment to Hi-P

NFT — ЧТО ЭТО, ДЛЯ ЧЕГО НУЖНЫ И КАК НА НИХ ЗАРАБАТЫВАЮТ? NFT простыми словами для начинающих
Data provided – WMADID

Wemoid (Representative Jang Hyun Buk) said it was a Clayton-based NFT fluidized service in Hypesalt, which has been strategically invested in lead investors.

Haif Salt is a service that can effectively use the NFT that users own, and will be launched in 1Q this year.

If you own NFT on the Clayton platform, you can create an NFT ‘Collection’ via a hike through a hike, and issue a token corresponding to the collection based on it to solidify the NFT.

The generated collection may deprecate and receive the NFT that anyone’s owned NFT and the “holder” to create and mint the token of that collection.

This is a unique model that allows you to purchase NFTs that are not easy to sell, but sell NFTs that were not easy to sell in the collection.

Also, if you repay the holding token to each collection, the NFT in the collection is given randomly. It is also possible to receive a fee from the desired NFT.

The more transactions of the collection token, the more transactions of the collection token, the lower the compensation for the roofing pool of the collection token, and the compensation receives increasingly. This results in the effect of increasing the value of the token and the deposited NFT.

“Haif Salt,” said Jang Hyun Buk, said, “Hei-Salt has invested in and invested all NFT’s value,” he said.