Shinji Mikami has a request for Remake of Resident Evil 4

It is practically a fact that Capcom is already working on a remake for _ Resident Evil 4. To this title. Shinji Mikami, ** Director of the Franchise, agrees that the game deserves a remake, but he has a request for his developers in case it is true.

In a recent interview with VG247, Mikami explained that the idea of ​​redo _ Resident Evil 4 _ Actually it was something that he would like to see, since “fans would love it,” and that It’s something good. Despite the positive reception of this remake, Mikami said he would like to see a few alterations to the narrative of this new version:

Shinji Mikami Talks About The Resident Evil 4 Remake.

“It would be great if Capcom could do a great job and improve history, and launch a good product.”

Interestingly, Mikami only had three weeks to write the story of _ Resident Evil 4, _ so in this new version you would like it to obviously dedicate more time and it will be much better at the end.

Editor’s Note: If Capcom handles this remake in the same way you handled those from Resident Evil 2 and 3, then I do not think there is a lot of worrying about. The year is barely starting, but I think there is still a possibility that said remake can debut at some point from the next 12 months.