Nintendo Switch Games to SNS with strong information for beginners. Prior to released “Swordsun Sanko”

Nintendo Switch Users are not necessarily a console gamer who has been familiar with. Some people will have a consumer machine debut for the first time with a certain work. For such users, it seems that there are many movements.

DMM Games will release “** Touken Sanken” for Nintendo Switch / PC (DMM Game Player) on February 17. The same work is a browser game “Touken-no-ONLINE-” and an action game “Musou” series collaboration work. Familiar swordsman who appear in “Toukan Ranbu -online-” is 3D, and fights on the stage of the warring period. The same work has already been reported that the masterup has been completed, and the expectation of the fan has been increasing before the closed release date.

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Such a movie seems to have a movie in Twitter. For example, the original “Swordsanbun -online-” is a browser game. The “Sword Sanka” that will be released this time will be the first console titles. In other words, in the fan who has been playing “Touken Sankai -online-“, there are not many users who touch the console through “Swordsun Sanken”.

Therefore, in the “Touken no Sanbu” community, the hashtag with “# switch beginner’s prey god” has come up. “Touken Sanko Muso” is the first to touch the user who touches Nintendo Switch with useful knowledge. In some cases, it is also useful information for people who have been familiar with Nintendo Switch. Let’s pick up some of the information shared in the hashtag.

First of all, about a slight devise about user information. Nintendo Switch can display what kind of game played when you have been online for the player who became a friend. While it is a convenient function that can share play status in your fellow, there may be a user who wants to be a secret that you’re playing “Swordsan Sanken” from various circumstances. If so, let’s open the user setting screen. From the “Play Record Settings” of profile settings, you can limit the range to publish play records. It would be better to set it in accordance with its own circumstances, as it can be fully disclosed.

The most frequent opinion is the handling of JOY-CON. Nintendo Switch Controller Joy-Con has reported a lot of cases that will fail if they continue intense play for a long time. In order to prevent such tragedy, it would be nice to use a protective accessory that can be mounted on a joystick, such as a ring cushion. Even if you have failed, you will be able to replace it if it is within the warranty period, and the user who newly purchases Nintendo Switch will keep your guarantee and items to keep them. By the way, there are users who need to be recovered by using contact reservoirs for JOY-CON faults. However, it should be noted that it is an emergency treatment to the end.

Also, quite many users recommend using an external controller rather than playing at JOY-CON. In addition to Nintendo genuine Nintendo Switch Pro controller, HORI products that can reduce prices are also recommended. Also, if you are used to the PlayStation platform, you can use the controller conversion adapter to connect a controller for PS4.

There are also many screenshot related information for the court who wants to put the male figure of the sword boy. First of all, it is the capacity to be a life activity. It is recommended that you use an SD card from the beginning, as recordings and the like are quite compressed. Nintendo Switch Genuine SD Cards include Hori products, but Buffalo, a long-established SD manufacturer, etc. Buffalo and Sandisk are presented. If there is a large amount of images and videos, you will be relieved if you purchase a large capacity SD card.

In addition, although there is a function that sends a screenshot to the smartphone directly from Nintendo Switch, there is also a method of linking Twitter accounts. By posting directly from Nintendo Switch to Twitter, it is possible to check the image smoothly from the smartph1. In addition, when it is desired to observe the screen in a slight manner, it is desired to turn on “screen zoom” from the main unit setting. By pressing the home button twice quickly, the screen can be expanded and viewed. Also, in the screenshot, there are also a unique photo mode that can be used in the game “Swordsanbuns” in the “Swordsan Sanken”, as well as the function of Nintendo Switch.

Among the hints received, if there is a familiar knowledge for the existing Nintendo Switch user, you will be able to overlook the information that tends to be overlooked. Such information may be shared, “Touken Sanken” may indicate that it has been developing a new Nintendo Switch user. “Touken no Sanko” is scheduled to be released on February 17 for Nintendo Switch / PC (DMM Game Player).