NFL coach gets support in discrimination suit

Roger Goodell says the NFL 'fell short' in the hiring of minority head coaches | KJM
Football coach Brian Flores wants to hold on to his discrimination action against the NFL in the case of a new job in a team.

This made the 40-year-old on Wednesday with several performances with his lawyers in US television. At the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Texans he is one of the candidates for the boss trainer. “I would like to cite a NFL team,” said Flores at ESPN. He hopes a change in thinking and in the hearts of the team owners of the 32 teams. “If I’m never trainer again, but there is a change, then it was worth it,” he said.

Flores has sued NFL on 1 February and subordinates the league, blacks are discriminated against application processes on coach items because of their skin color. In the NFL, teams are required by a rule to invite representatives of minorities with open places to talks. Flores complains, this often seems to a real chance for these candidates without intention. The procedure created as a class action is also directed against Denver Broncos, New York Giants and Miami Dolphins. The league and the three teams have rejected allegations in opinions.

“We cheat our fans”

Support got Flores, among other things, from the head coach of Washington Commander, Ron Rivera. The only NFL head coach with a Hispanic background said in the presentation of the new team name of his team, Flores deserved a job in the NFL. “That’s a very accomplished coach,” said Rivera. “I can see the frustration and I can feel the frustration. It’s almost as if that’s his last option. How can anyone like him be out of the jobs?”

The former NFL coach Tony Dungy wrote an open letter to the 32 team owners and owners and asked them to change their approach to the occupation of trainers. “We cheat our fans and we cheat ourselves. And they are the only ones who can correct that,” he wrote. More than his own experiences pain him that African Americans still have 30 years after his beginnings in the NFL before the same hurdles.