New Report reveals many details about Remake of Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4: Remake Is Happening! & Will Be More Scary! With Ada Wong Mission & More
Since last year it is rumored about the existence of a remake for _ Resident Evil 4 _. Even the Shinji Mikami , director of the franchise, has spoken about this hypothetical remake, and everything seems to indicate that it will be a matter of time before Capcom officially reveals it. We say this because, according to a new report, this game could be announced in the coming weeks.

This report comes from the portal fanbyte , and mentions that much of the game, as well as the scene in the village, will now be carried out during the night. Similarly, it is said that Capcom opted to give a much more scary tone to this remake, in addition to the fact that the secondary characters will have a much more important role in history. This includes the campaign of ADA , which will also receive a substantial expansion.

On the other hand, it is said that the filtration of last year on the redesign of Albert Wesker was not really part of the Remake of _ Resident Evil 4, _ but it was another project canceled from The saga that will never see the light of day.

Interestingly, Mikami was going to participate with this remake, but declined the offer due to all the responsibilities of it with Gameworks and the development of Ghostwire: Tokyo, as well as other projects. If everything goes well, the Remake of Resident Evil 4 should be announced during these first months of the year, according to this information.

Editor’s note: Considering the success that the other Remakes of Resident Evil had, it was expected that Capcom would be to give greater importance to the fourth installment. After all, for many it is considered as the best game of the franchise and it would be a disappointment if the final product does not end as well as we wait.