Unity, MWU Korea Awards and the Developer Support

Unity Korea announced the performance of various programs to support close collaboration and developers with various large / indie games and tight collaboration and developers prior to the 6th Made Weed Unity Korea Awards to proceed in May.

The 2017 Game Developers Choice Awards
Unity supports a total of more than 20 platforms, such as mobile, VR / AR, PC, and console, as a development engine optimized for multi-platforms such as Multi – platforms. Based on these compatibility and scalability, the Unity Engine said it is adopted as a development engine at more than 50% of mobile, PC, console games around the world. In addition, 71% of the top 1,000 mobile games around the world are leveraging unity game engines, especially those who use Unity Engine of the top 1,000 domestic mobile games are 69.2%. The latest console, Nintendo switches and PC game platform steam, also have more than 50% game work.

In particular, the MWU Korea Awards, which has been in 2017, has been recognized as a chapter that can spread the imagination and skills of domestic creators, and has been recognized and has been informed of works that are attracting attention from the launch Unity selected a notable work among the selected winners prior to MWU Korea Awards to proceed in May this year.

■ Metallic Child

‘Metallic Child’ is a 3D loglite game that draws Android Lona’s story in the future space laboratory. One-person developer Han Dae Hoon Studio HG, the metallic Child, which was produced for three years, is developed in mind with global launches, and it is also a growing role of indicating an indie game and collaboration such as’ Skull ” Unaoes. Metal Rick Khak Limited Edition Production Tumble Bush Funding, and took a hot attention, and recognized the workability, won the ‘Best PC / Console’ sector in the 2019 MWU Korea Awards and won the Best PC / Console ‘sector in the 2021 Korean game target.

■ Unsouled

‘Unsoot’ draws a story that explores the world full of deductions with a 2D action RPG that stands out for a fast face. Neowed is published and the 2D Action RPG ‘Unsarod’ in which the Mega Star Game is being developed is a quick-speed play with the faster play with the faster speed, deeply, and a beautiful pixel art that changes in real time. Last November, it announced the release of the ives from Steam, and attracted many gamers’ eyes, and in addition to steam, it will be released as a variety of platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. The workability was recognized several times and won the Gigdc general part of the Gigdc and won the 2020 MWU Korea Awards in the ‘Best PC / Console’ sector.

■ Skull: The Hero Slayer (SKUL: The Hero Slayer)

‘Skull: The Hero Slayer’ is a 3D loglite action flat-form game, and it is a work that draws a story that is fighting with a warrior, an adventurer, and an empire army to save the King of Ma Wang Saki’s Skeleton ‘Skull’ to humans. In January 202, the “steam” was a sales volume in 5 days after its launch, and showed a success in the global market. Since then, in October, there are high sales volumes to the current, such as Nintendo, PS4, Xbox, etc., such as exposing to the Nintendo Switch feature. In January 2022, the Korea Package Indie game exceeds 1 million cumulative sales volumes in the first time. Thanks to this popularity, the “2020 Republic of Korea Games” was awarded to the Best Innovation sector in the 2020 MMU Korea Awards. In addition, it was selected as the top of the 2021 steam ‘Early Access Graduation Division’.

■ Banabi

‘Sanvin’ is the story of the future city of ‘Margo’ in the future city of the intimate atmosphere. At a moment, all the residents disappeared and stopped in the huge business city where they stopped and stopped, and at the same time illuminate her lovely daughter of her lovely daughter because of the person called ‘mountain butterfly’. Neowizes have begun the second private test of the mountains in January 2022, and plans to launch global in the third quarter, completing the completion content and system based on the feedback of users after the private test. In the 2020 Busan Indie Connect Festival, the Cyber ​​Punk, and Hoffes, the unique concept, combined with Chi Joseon and Hof Faste, took more than 70 million won, and they have succeeded in attracting a lot of attention, such as achieving more than 70 million won, and achieving a lot of attention. Korea Awards was selected for the ‘Best Student’ sector.

■ Dark Water

‘Dark Water’ is a game to explore the area where the girl became the main character and the slime occupied with her grandmother. As a 3D action flat-formamer game developed by the developer Developer Dev., it is attracting a lot of attention as a game play of ‘Metro Binea Style’. We recognized these advantages of 2020 Global Indie Game Production Competition (GIGDC 2020) in the GIGDC 2020 (GIGDC 2020) won the general production division in the 2020 MMU Korea Awards in the ‘BEST PC / Console’ sector.

■ Buried Stars

‘Berid Stars’ is the first console package titles that are self-developed in Line Games Studio, and released on July 30 last year. During the survival audition, the decay accident was drawn between the identified characters, and it was successful in the box office, such as the unique game and deep stories, In November 2021, the PC version has entered the Glo PC game market and released the PC version in Steam, and in June 2021, the OST album ‘Berid Stars OST’, who participated in the Writing of Jin Seung-ho, was released in various markets. There was a significant rating on overseas renowned reviews such as’ Meta Cretics’ and Open Cryatic ‘and won the superior phase and technology creative (planning / scenario) in the’ 2020 Republic of Korea ‘.. Last year, 2021 MMU Korea Awards, awarded a lot in the ‘Best PC / Console’ sector, and has been receiving a lot of recognition and cheering.

■ Lapin

‘Raffin’ is a 2D flat-former game that deals with the adventure of brave rabbit exploration leaving new flesh. “Let’s create a game for two months,” the studio two-month project started with the goal is to be released in the steam engine in the third quarter of 2022. Raffin captured a fairy and dreamy atmosphere through a frenzy background, and a laf captured user gaze for excellent character and exploration was successful in Tumbling Funding in the late 2020. In 2021, Korea Content Promotion Agency, Indie Game Planning, Development Contact Tower 2, and the Top 2, and won a variety of competitions, and won in the 2021 MWU Korea Awards ‘Best Graphic’ sector.

■ Real VR Fishing

‘Real VR Phishing’ is a fishing simulator that can enjoy fishing comfortably with friends in beautiful scenery. It is a work that has a high and realistic graphic experience in a real fishing spot, and it is a work that breaks up to $ 3 million in sales in a real fishing spot. In March last year, Softbank Ventures are attracting attention by saying that Softbank Ventures will invest 2 billion won in mirage. Real VR phishing was recognized for the workability and won the ‘Best Immersive’ sector in the MWU Korea Awards in the MWU Korea Awards in the “Game of the Year) Awards.