Monster hunter rise

Resident Evil 3: The remake has just passed the 5 million sales

CAPCOM, just admit it & release RE3: Director's Cut! #BringbackJillValentine [Rant]

Since the period is the financial results, Capcom decided that it was for them to do the accounts and the Japanese publisher to have a smile, since it reports a turnover up to 36 % and net profit up 52%. Monster Hunter Rise, Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, all are successes at their level, just like Resident Evil Remake who continues to make her little way. The game has just passed the course of 5 million units sold, or 2 million more since numbers that had been obtained in October 2020. We are still far from 9.3 million resident Evil 2 remake that had succeeded in selling 9.3 million copies, while Resident Evil 7 remains the best performance of the ABEV series its 10.6 million games sold. Anyway, Resident Evil still remains a safe bet to players.