Nintendo passes the Cap of 100 million Switch sold

Just for the period from October to last December, Nintendo has elapsed 10.6 million Switch across the planet. The manufacturer specifies that the distribution is as follows: 81.6 million for the classic model launched in March 2017, 17.8 million for the Lite Switch and 4 million for the recent Switch OLED launched last October. With regard to these sales, the switch can now boast of having exceeded the success of the Wii, sold more than 101.6 million copies, and the PlayStation (102.4 million) in the same period of time.

Nintendo specifies to its investors that the console was sold to 40 million copies for the only US continent at 26.9 million in Europe and 24.3 million in Japan. Mid-January Nintendo France announced that it has crossed the 6.1 million units sold in the hex.

A Top 10 The best-selling games

Nintendo Switch - OLED Model - Announcement Trailer
Journalist Oscar Lemaire, a specialist in the video game economy, also shared the top 10 games best sold on the console. Japanese company specifies that it has elapsed more than 766.41 million Switch games.

However, if Nintendo’s figures are overall encouraging for the future of the switch, sales have dropped by 13% in 2021 for the console.

Nevertheless, the company is optimistic and has revised its forecasts for its fiscal year that will be closed at the end of March. It tables on a turnover of 12.74 billion euros, as well as an operational profit of 4.32 billion euros and a net profit of 3.09 billion euros.