Marco Reus monomes “head problem” at BVB

“These are the things we have addressed,” said coach Marco Rose at “Dazn”. “What was missing was exactly what we have prepared,” found Torwart Gregor Kobel. For several occasions, Borussia Dortmund had been countered at the 2: 5 against Bayer 04 Leverkusen after stroke and thread – although it had been intense part of the game preparation, as the BVB stakeholders emphasized unison.

“We knew that you are fast with switching situations,” Kobel said. “Today there were so many situations where they have killed and played again or stood in front of me. There were still ten other situations in which they did not play well, where they can also meet. That’s too little. “

It was a catastrophic day for us.

Marco Reus

Captain Marco Reus became similarly clear in the analysis: “Partly we do not put the specifications,” he criticized. “We have prepared for the game for two weeks, we always tell the same and then we have to put it in the place. We did not do that today.”

Especially in the first pass, the BVB had hardly arrived in the game, had not given out the game out of a single dangerous degree in the direction of Leverkusens replacementkeeper Lennart Grill. “It was a catastrophic day for us, we did not come into the game, were always a step too late – both in defensive behavior and in the pressing,” Reus said clearly. “Overall, all this was too easy.”

Reus demands “other body language”

But what is it that Borussia Dortmund – repeated times in the current season – the own PS did not get to the street at all? “Unfortunately, it’s also a head problem that comes to it,” Reus tried to explain. “We have to put another body language on the day, especially after 3: 1 for a break.”

After the defeat, the BVB is now nine points behind leader FC Bayern. But that is not the biggest Dortmund problem, as Reus was finalized: “We have to have other topics than talking about Bavaria.”