Resident Evil 4: HD

Although Cap com has already refilled the first three Resident Evil games and two of them are considered a benchmark for good horror games in many ways, they have not yet been dared to the fourth part published. Recently, the adventure of Leon Kennedy appeared in the Spanish village Pueblo as VR version.

However, this does not seem to be enough for some fans: they want to play a visually modern version of Resident Evil 4 and because Cap com does not provide that, they have set themselves up to their computers. The result is called Resident Evil 4 HD Project and should already appear on 2 February .

What is behind the HD Remaster Created by Fans by Resident Evil 4?

For eight years, the giant fans Chris Morales and Albert Marin worked on their project and now the unofficial new edition is finally short before the publication. How much work is really stuck, after a short trip to the project of the project quickly becomes clear.

Because Marin is actually driven to the real locations of Resident Evil 4 , has photographed it and used for the HD-Remaster. Marin has also uploaded a launch trailer to the celebration of the early release on his YouTube channel.

The shows clearly what the two have done with their fan project : Resident Evil 4 probably never looked so pretty! If you want to convince yourself of the quality of to Remaster, you can download the project from 2 February. Then you only need the Resident Evil 4 Ultimate Edition, which was published in 2014 on Steam and is compatible with the project.

Like the FAQ of the project reveals, Cap com by the way from the fan Remaster, and has appreciated the whole. It is unlikely that the developer studio can be dissolved from its own remake. Only late November last year latter the synchronizer from Albert Weaker Information about a coming new edition of Resident Evil 4.