Star Wars – Boba Fat finds: “My figure is talking too much!”

The Book of Bob Fat celebrated this week the publication of the fourth episode on Disney Plus. In an interview with ME, main actor Tempera Morrison has now talked a little about his return to the Sci-Fi Universe. However, there was also a little criticism . The, in his opinion, Bob fat speaks way too much, unlike, when they have been used to him so far.

That says Tempera Morrison to his comeback as Bob fat

I had hoped that I did not have to say anymore when I did it in the first two episodes. I’m talking too much. In the beginning I even tried my texts to Mingora [Wen]. I said ‘apology Director. I really think that Mingora should say these lines because I want to stay mysterious – I want to stay quiet ‘.

Many fans is the sharia of Bob fat also noticed

In recent weeks, followers of Star Wars have discussed the high speech content from Bob fat – with mixed opinions on the subject. Therefore, the dispute on the set did not exist. Tempera Morrison makes it clear that he has mentioned again and again to maintain the mystery to keep Bob fat.

Jon Favre wants to speak Bob fat talk

During a turning day, Tempera Morrison wanted to convince the author of the series (Noah Floor), not to say part of his text next day. Among other things, because Jon Favre was not on the set, and he did not notice it.

But the inventor of the show got wind from the thing and called directly the next morning so that Bob fat really takes all lines.

What is your opinion on suddenly talking Bob fat? Do the creators remain faithful to the character or are he deviating too much of his at that time?