NFL Playoff Recap: Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals 16:19 – Money! McPherson beendet Drama in Nashville mit 52-Yard-Field

The Cincinnati Bengals have won the AFC Divisional Game at the Tennessee Titan’s 19:16 thanks to a load-second-goals of Evan McPherson and thus finished a long Dusty. Quarterback Joe Burrow, despite the victory, set up an inglorious record, while his opposite Ryan Tanneries ultimately made too many crucial mistakes.

With a 52-yard Field Goal – his fourth successful kick of the game – Kicker Evan McPherson has kicked the Cincinnati Bengal’s Cincinnati Bengals for the first time since 1988 into the AFC Championship Game. It was the crowning conclusion of a highly dramatic game in Nashville / Tennessee. And that was not surprising at least for quarterback Joe Burrow. Immediately before his successful kick, McPherson said to back up QB Brandon Allen: Looks like we would move into the AFC Championship Game, Burrow reported after the game.

The first play of the game suggested that this would not be a walk for the titans. Titans Quarterback Ryan Tanneries threw his first pass to the opponent’s first pass. Safety Jessie Bates grabbed the interception and quickly put the guests in position for points. However, only three, because on the other side but also a trend proposed – the offensive line of the Bengals showed extremely holey and Joe Burrow (28/37, 348 yes, Int) also collected his first of nine sacks in the game. Ultimately, McPherson met the Field Goal from 36 yards.

This was followed by a few drives in which the defenses brilliantly brilliant on both sides. Tanneries conceded a sack of lightning through Safety from Bell, Burrow, among other things, one of Harold Landry. Both led to Punts, and a heavy drop of Titans-Fullback Khaki Blasingame, who had a lot of green.

The Bengals followed the first Big Play in the game: Burrow found JA’Mary Chase on a screen and that needed only one move to solve his opponent and ultimately add a 57-yard-catch-and-run. At the end there was a 45-yard-goal-goal of McPherson.

It then required three more series before the Titans managed the way to the scoreboard. The can opener was also a big play – a deep shot after play action by tanneries on A.J. Brown to be exact. Then returner Derrick took Henry and scored a 3-yard touchdown from the Wildcat formation for compensation. Then the householders tried a 2-point conversion from the 1-yard line after the PAT attempt was twelve Bengals on the field. The trial failed.

Until the break, the Bengals managed another Field Goal from 54 yards, with 9: 6 for Cindy in the pause.

Titans vs. Bengals: After the break, the events overturned

In the third quarter, the events overwhelmed. The Bengals started with their best Drive in the game and Joe Nixon completed a total of nine plays with a 16-yard touchdown run. Subsequently, the Titans marched in the red zone in the red zone, but stayed without points. Tanneries oversaw Blitzer Mike Hilton, whom he threw the ball exactly in his arms and that hit the ball in the air and started himself. But the Titans remained in it, made an immediate stop and quickly came back in beat distance. In the end, after all, they managed a Field Goal by Randy Bullock (34 YES) and were back in the game. Few moments later, Titans-Safety Mani Hooker scratched even a felt pass from Burrow just above the grassy for an interception from the air and brought the Bengals back in position. Only two plays later said Tanneries thank you and fired a 33-yard touchdown pass to Brown for renewing compensation. At 16:16, it finally went to the final quarter.

The Bengals shook shortly and then marched back into the opposing half and Field Goal range – at least. A 16-yard sack at 3rd down, however, forced her to punt, which in turn gave Tennessee the chance to march over the field. At the 35-yard line, however, was again concluded, because even with two attempts at 3rd and 4th down (to go with a yard) did not succeed the new 1st down – only faulted tanneries with an option keeper, then Henry was Even stopped in the backfield.

The Titans should get the ball back again and were on it and turn to decide for themselves. But finally, Tanneries was a third interception when he threw the ball to a well-concedited Nick Westbrook-Ikhine. The ball was folded and finally landed at Logan Wilson. A Deep Ball on Chase finally brought the Bengals in position for the decisive Field Goal.

The Bengals now meet the winner of the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills next Sunday.

NFL Divisional Playoffs: Tennessee Titans vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Result: 16:16 (0: 6, 6: 3, 10: 7, 0: 3) Box score

Titans vs. Bengals – The most important statistics

  • Joe Burrow is the first QB, the 5 sacks in the first half of a playoff game collected since Rob Johnson (Titans) in the AFC Wildcard Game 1999. The opponent was also the Titans.

  • Burrow is also the first QB since Kyle all in 2019, which has cashed 5 sacks against 4 or less passing Rusher before the break.

  • The 9 sacks of Titans against Burrow are a new franchise record in the playoffs. At the same time, a quarterback has never been so often piled in a playoff game.

  • For the Bengals, the first outward win is in the playoffs. Previously, they were 0-7 in their franchise history.

The Star of the Game: Evan McPherson (Kicker, Bengals)

What should one say? McPherson showed no nerves and was always in a game with a few offensive highlights and sank all of his four field-goal attempts, including two out of more than 50 yards. Also, worth mentioning is Jay’Mary Chase, who did not have too many Touches (6), but thus a lot of damage arrived (111 scrimmage yards).

The Flop of the Game: Ryan Tanneries (Quarterback, Titans)

Tanneries (15/24, 220 YES, TD, 3 Int) brought his team several times, but his 3 interceptions were just too much. And all three are also on his cap. Either the litter was either inaccurate, he oversight a flasher (Hilton) or he forced the ball to a covered receiver, which is not A.J. Brown was called, like the last pick, which broke the neck to the team.

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Analysis: Titans vs. Bengals – The tactical panel

  • The Titans defense waived as far as possible on lightning and relied on its 4-men rush from the defensive line. In turn, they mostly sat on INSIDE-TECHNIQUE, with both the guards and the tackles of the Bengals always had problems.

  • The Bengals in turn flashed more frequently, predominantly late in the down. They sometimes put on creative lightning packages as the first sack against Tanner hill, as they leaf the left sides and then dropped Edge Rusher Trey Hendrickson in Coverage.

  • The Titans spread a lot to DISGUISES and often varied their coverage, but mostly kept on 2-high-looks, but mostly played Zone Coverage to go straight duels with JA’Mary Chase out of their way.

  • The Bengals therefore attacked by the air mostly with cross and dig routes in the middle of the field. If then you were played, Burrow were also looking for his matchup advantage, be it with Chase or Higgins. In addition, check downs and screens came.

  • After Chase has put some longer plays and proved to be hard to tackles, the Titans with their coverage specialized ways: even in formations with 4 receivers on one side and only Chase on the other, Chase was doubled with safety help, while On the other side classic Man Coverage was played.