Digital pandemic reveals why they took out the game of stores

Model Digital surprised enough people when they took the digital version of their Steam Pandemic board game, Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and they also revealed that it would be removed from the Microsoft store at the end of January and the Nintendo Switch store this month of July. At that time there was no reason for the elimination of the game, apart from the fact that it was eliminated at the editor’s request, but since then, Z-Man Games has published a statement on the reason and what will be the future of the game. The franchise is on digital platforms, and seems to be related over time the current version has been available and the future version of the franchise.

The Z-Man’s statement mentioned that the digital version was created 9 years ago and that they do not feel that the quality of the current game is up to the current standards. They also talked about the future of the series and that eliminate this version will raid the way. You can read your full statement below.

The Pandemic application was launched 9 years ago, and we no longer feel that the current quality and reliability of the game are up to what Pandemic deserves on digital platforms. The time has come to give way to the digital future of pandemic.

That is why we are progressively eliminating the current pandemic games published by Model Digital of all digital stores. Current owners will not be affected: all players who already bought the game can still play and download it.

Pandemic is and will remain available to play online in a single player mode or multiplayer at Board Game Arena.

We are really grateful with the whole community of pandemic for its incredible support and participation during these last years. Stay tuned!

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The good news is that if you already have the game, you can still play it and download it.

What do you want to see in the next digital version of the Z-Man pandemic franchise? Let us know in the comments.