Yugioh Master Duel: How to unlock Secret Packages

There are tons of letters to use in the game but, of course, the rare cards are the ones that will call your attention with their potential to build decks. These special packages offer some of the rarest cards of the game, but it is not immediately obvious how to obtain them. Here is How to unlock Secret Packages in Yugioh Master Duel .


How to unlock secret packages in Yugioh Master Duel

These special packages are essentially reinforcing packets that focus on specific groups of letters, game styles and archetypes. These are potential rewards that you get when drawing or creating super rare or ultra rare cards. Therefore, you must first get free raffles or use gems to get a super rare card. Then, as in most gothic games, there is definitely some luck involved.

Spending gems To get the special packages that are offered at the game store is the fastest way to get a super rare card at this time for newcomers, which can then unlock a secret package. The Special Store tab currently offers packets that guarantee at least one super rare raffle.

A key will appear when a super rare or ultra rare card will be removed, and you can go directly from this screen to the Secret Pack menu. Once unlocked, the package is available for purchase in the Secret Store Package section for 24 hours.

Therefore, it only has little time to stock up on rare cards, and then you will have to unlock a new secret package in the same way: looking for new rare cards or creating them.

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